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Mother of Slain Social Worker Honored

Victoria Budson, left, chairwoman of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, meets with Kimberly Flynn at the end of the Unsung Heroines Program. Photo by Ken Yuszkus of the Salem News.

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women honored Kimberly Flynn as an Unsung Heroine for her work advocating for safer working conditions for social workers and other direct service workers, according to this article in The Salem News.

Flynn’s daughter, social worker Stephanie Moulton, was allegedly murdered in January 2011 by one of her clients, who was arrested. The client had a history of mental illness.

Flynn said she is glad the Massachusetts Senate state budget proposal calls for $100,000 in funding for an annual Stephanie Moulton Safety Symposium. The event would be attended by all social workers and direct service workers in the state and would be used to educate them about  best safety practices, policies and risk management.

“I am here to accept the award, but I’m actually here on my daughter’s behalf; she’s the unsung hero here,” Flynn said after the ceremony.

NASW’s Center for Workforce Studies and the Center for Health Workforce Studies at the University at Albany did a survey that found that four out of 10 social workers face personal safety issues on the job. To learn more about that study, click here. NASW is also committed to improving social worker safety. To learn more click here. And the National Association of Social Workers Massachusetts Chapter Committee for the Study and Prevention of Violence against Social Workers created a general guideline to improve safety. To read the guide click here.



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