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Lessons Learned from a Lost Election

Louise Chadez

National Association of Social Workers member Louise Chadez, MSW, recently lost her bid to win a seat in the Washington State House of Representatives.

In this column in the Spokesman-Review Chadez talks about what she thinks is wrong with the election process. She also learned something about what voters think of social workers.

“I learned that we really don’t value social workers as competent beyond our role of do-gooders,” she said. “I can think of no other work more complicated than salvaging lives and finding resources for those in need.”

Q: There are many social workers in politics — Congressman Eldophus Towns and Arizona House Rep. Kyrsten Sinema to name a few. But do you agree with Chadez that the many in the public view social workers as “do-gooders” and not able politicians?

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