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Competitive Eater Facing New Challenge

“Big” Brian Subich. Photo courtesy of the New York Daily News.

Social worker “Big” Brian Subich is ranked No. 21 on the list of world competitive eating champions, according to this article in Ohio’s Lancaster Eagle Gazette.

Subich, who stands six feet six inches and weighs 325 pounds, has downed 20 hotdogs and buns in 20 minutes and once ate 8.4 pounds of baked beans in 12 minutes.

Now Subich is taking on a new challenge.

On Sunday he will go to Carroll, Ohio to take part in the World Pulled Pork Sandwich Eating Championship as part of the first annual Rhythm and Ribs BBQ Festival.

Subich, who hails from Johnstown, Pa., played football in high school and college. He said competitive eating is just like taking part in athletics — you have to train.

During times when he is not competing Subich keeps his stomach stretched and practices speed eating by gulping up healthier fare such as veggies.

“I eat a lot of low calorie foods,” he said. “Eating 10 pounds of broccoli is better than eating 10 pounds of other things. I love it. I can eat it plain, broiled or steamed, and there are very few calories, even in 10 pounds.”

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