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Article: Women Paid Less Because of Life Choices

Image courtesy of American Enteprise Institute.

Women are paid less not so much because of discrimination, but because of their life choices, according to this article in American, a publication from the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

The article appeared on April 20, Equal Pay for Equal Work Day.

Author Christina Hoff Sommers says women are sometimes paid less because of what they study in school, where they work, and how they balance home and career. For instance, more working mothers are willing to work part-time than working fathers, the article says.

This carries over into social work academia. Sommers writes:

“Universities, for example, typically pay professors in the business school more than those in the school of social work. They cite market forces as the justification.”

Q: What do you think about Sommers’ argument that women are usually paid less because of their choices?

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