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News Items – April 25, 2011

Woman given master’s degree from UT after suspension overturned
Knoxville News Sentinel
In addition, Glen said she was disappointed by the lack of support she received from colleagues in the social work profession. “This has left a bitter taste in my mouth over social work,” she said. “I’m extremely disappointed in my professors and peers. They all ran away from me.”

Slow down when talking to the elderly
Rebecca Axline, a clinical social worker with the Nantz National Alzheimer Center in Houston, says as the number of elderly with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia increases so do the number of caregivers. Caregivers are often advised to take time to sleep seven to eight hours, eat a healthy diet, build a support team and try to find time to re-energize.

Grieving Detroit mom works to build her baby’s connection to her late husband
Detroit Free Press
Laurie Epstein Kach, a clinical social worker who has been in the profession for almost 30 years, says times have changed drastically from when children were to be seen and not heard. If parents want to bolster a better relationship with their children, they must be open to hearing their children and telling them their feelings are valid.

Special training helps city police respond safely to mental health emergencies
She dialed, said she needed help with crisis intervention, and 10 minutes later two cruisers pulled up, minus the lights and sirens but accompanied by a social worker. “It was like, a traveling social worker? Social workers make house calls?”

Palliative care focuses on life
Lansing State Journal
Patient navigators or social workers—These experts can help make sure that cancer patients and others don’t get lost in the system, receive timely follow-up tests and get their results quickly.

VA: In southwest Va., as more need help, aid organization has less to give
Washington Post
At a time of such high demand, poverty-assistance programs across the country are facing a financial crisis of their own. Hancock’s organization, which totals four employees in a rundown, two-story house, is almost out of money. Local businesses that once donated thousands each month have yet to donate a single dollar this year. As the national deficit continues to skyrocket, federal and state governments are proposing the most severe budget cuts to social service programs in decades, threatening to reduce spending by 50 percent or more.

Tips for Overcoming Online Gaming
Associated Content
To help understand what type of impact online gaming can have on someone’s overall life and for tips on overcoming online gaming, I have interviewed therapist Mike Langlois, LICSW.

Caring for the caregiver: Peer Counseling Program offers help
Naples Daily News
A licensed clinical social worker, she and her husband Norm Johnston took care of her father Ivan Escott, Jr. for five years as he dealt with Parkinson’s disease and ultimately, dementia. “I wasn’t prepared for it,” says Escott.

Incest Survivor Credits Treatment For Recovery
KMGH Denver
“Treatment interrupts the cycle of child abuse by helping children be aware of what’s happening to them and being able to talk about it,” said Diane Baird, a licensed clinical social worker at the Kempe Center.

Study Finds Keys To Working With Latino Church To Fight Domestic Abuse
WebWire (press release)
The study, “Latino Church Leaders and Domestic Violence: Attitudes and Knowledge,” was co-authored by Dr. Tina Hancock, professor of social work at NC State, and Dr. Andrew Behnke, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences at NC State.

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