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TV To Watch: “The Big C” on Showtime

The “Big C” comedy series on Showtime stars Laura Linney as “Cathy Jamison,” a woman with terminal cancer who hides her illness from family and friends.

 Instead, Cathy devotes her time left on Earth to trying to help others and living life to the fullest.

The Big C” premieres Monday Aug. 16 at 10:30 p.m.

Social workers help people battling cancer and those in hospice care. Do you think it is okay for a television show to use comedy to depict such issues?

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  1. Without a doubt…so people don’t shut down entirely I think this is a great idea, would love to write an episode..

  2. The humor may help some people deal with their discomfort in being around people with cancer.

  3. My world is begging for this humor! My life MIRRORS Cathy’s life. I am a teacher with long blonde hair who is living with level 4 metastaic melanoma. I was given a few years to survive but thus far have beaten the odds. I also have one son and a very immature husband that I have asked to leave the house. I too, have one brother who is quite the non-conformist. I have a very large in ground pool that really resembles Cathy’s. Add in a few neighbors with attitude, give and take a few more incredible coincidences and I am totally FREAKED out!! was looking forward to this show as I am a huge Laura Linney fan. I wondered what cancer she would have. When I found out it was melanoma I was inspired because I want more spotlight on this disease. As the similarities increased I was in shock! I am trying to get others interested in this series as they could better understand my feelings. Like Cathy I do not look sick and most people do not understand the terminal diagnosis of this cancer. It is rare that I am living so long and my doctors at Sloan Kettering, University of PA, and Cancer Treatment of America just tell me to keep doing whatever I am doing to prolong my life. If the writers of the show need a real life patient consultant they should contact me. I haven’t burned a couch but I sure have had some interesting behavior. I can understand her not telling her family. She probably wants honest, true, real relationships that are not influenced by her cancer. Anyway, I have found even a dianosis of death does not make the people who have NO compassion or empathy develop any.

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