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TV to Watch: “Marry Me”

Lucy Liu will play social worker Rae Carter in "Marry Me." Photo courtersy of Lifetime TV.

Lucy Liu will portray foster care social worker Rae Carter in “Marry Me,” a romantic comedy miniseries that will¬†air December 12 at 9 p.m. and Dec. 13 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime television.

Rae wants a storybook wedding more than anything else. Her problem is deciding which man to settle down with.

To watch previews of the miniseries, click here. is looking for social workers who want to watch “Marry Me” and let us know whether Liu’s portrayal of a social worker was accurate. We also want to know whether you think¬† social workers should be portrayed in a romantic comedies or whether more dramatic roles are appropriate. To do a review contact National Association of Social Workers senior public relations specialist Greg Wright at

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  1. Oye! Although I’m pleased to see social work as the career choice of a character on mainstream TV, WHY do they always have to portray us as foster care workers?????? There is already an over identification of SWs as foster care and food stamp mavens, and we don’t need that image perpetuated any longer. SWs work in so many areas of service and have so many diverse clinical skills, but it is my opinion that we are still identified in this way because the media doesn’t do their homework. They need to hire a SW consultant to advise them when they are writing their scripts, just as they hire MD and RN consultants when they write medically oriented scripts.

  2. I totally agree with Kathy Gurland. We do so much more than monitor foster care and help with food stamps and public aid.
    There really is a place for social work in almost any work place. We are those who can help a person to access resources that will help him or her deal with the adversities of life or just life situations in general. We are the “listeners” and some times the problem solvers but our goal is to have a person be able to solve their own problems.
    A writer’s job is to research his subject matter, it seems in the case of scripts which portray social workers the writers have done a very minimum amount of research. I agree that social workers should be hired on as consultants just as physicians and nurse. Professions should be portrayed accurately so that television can also act as a public service for those watching these shows

  3. I thought they did a good job of representing the spirit of a social worker: Kind, Compassionate and always an Advocate. Yes they took creative license with allowing the foster child to live with her, but I think that it was good that the Lucy Liu character objected to the placement and tried to keep that professional distance. I also thought it was good that it they showed that she came from a wealthy family because there is no way that she could have afforded all of those designer clothes on a SW salary! Overall, job well done.

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