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TV to Watch: “Appropriate Adult”

Emily Watson in "Appropriate Adult." Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

British actress Emily Watson will again play a social worker in “Approprite Adult,” a British made-for-television that will premiere in the United States on the Sundance Channel on December 10.

The film is based on true events.

Watson portrays real-life Janet Leach, a social worker in training who becomes an “appropriate adult” for serial killer Fred West. In Great Britain, an appropriate adult is a social worker, parent or guardian who accompanies a minor or vulnerable adult to police interviews.

West told Leach  gruesome details of some of the murders he and his wife committed that she could not share with authorities due to privacy rules.

But the charming West also developed an intense relationship with Leach. In Leach maintained this friendship after the police interviews ended and even visited West in prison and did his laundry.

West committed suicide while in custody in 1995. He was charged with 12 murders as well as rape, abduction and child cruelty.

“It’s so bizarre,” Watson said about Leach’s relationship with West in this Los Angeles Times Interview. “I can’t understand it.”

Watson also starred as social work heroine Margaret Humphreys in the film “Oranges and Sunshine,” which was released in the United States this fall. met Humphreys at the October New York City premiere of that film. To read about that click here.


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