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TV to Watch: Another Social Worker Goes Oprah!

Truddi Chase. Photo courtesy of The Oprah Show.

Social worker Laura Blum Romano, MSW, LCSW, will reportedly appear on the Oprah Show today to talk about how she was inspired by the popular program, which is in its final season. 

Twenty years ago Romano saw an episode about Truddi Chase, a woman who claimed to have multiple personality disorder. Romano, who was then 14, said that episode helped inspire her to become a social worker.

“It will probably be an extremely brief scene,” said Romano, who spoke to about today’s segment.

However Romano said she was proud to appear on the show because mental illness is an important issue for social workers. “I love being a social worker,” she said.

Romano is not the only social worker who may appear on Oprah today. Host Oprah Winfrey will also reportedly talk to social worker and author Erin Merryn about her campaign to pass laws to help other sexual abuse victims.

Check local listings for airtimes. And to learn more about today’s episode visit the Oprah Show by clicking here.

UPDATE: To watch Laura Blum Romano’s appearance on The Oprah Show click here.

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  1. I hope that when Ms. Romano is on television she refers to herself as a social worker. Often times social workers call themselves or are called therapists when they are on television- an excellent opportunity to be proud and use the title Social Worker to be a role model for the profession and demonstrate to the audience that we are professionals and experts. It would also help dispel negative opinions.

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