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TV to Watch: ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7

┬áThe October 26 episode of ABC’s “Detroit 1-8-7” (Lost Child/Murder 101) included a plot line about a murdered ex-social worker who took children out of the foster care system. Did anyone watch the episode? How was the depiction of social work?

If you want to watch the full episode online click here.

Scene from Detroit 1-8-7 featuring shot of the murdered ex-social worker Maria Young.

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  1. Most of the time social workers are the characters who carry the message of conformity in TV and movies. I was excited to see a show where the social workers were the courageous ones. Both of the social workers in the episode were dramatic powers of examples.

  2. I only saw towards the end of the program and thought the idea of an underground railroad for children in bad placements within the foster care system was interesting. I questioned what I would do if I found myself in a similar position. I too will view the program in entirety now that I know the story line interests me.

  3. The episode didn’t necessarily put social workers in a negative light but placed them in a dysfunctional child welfare system where in many cases their hands are tied by lack of resources and red tape in order to do what’s best for the child.

  4. I saw it on Tuesday night and I thought they did the ‘ole stereotype role of the Social Worker.

  5. Good drama — but, unfortunately might leave the impression that the only good social worker is one who breaks the rules……

  6. I felt the episode brought attention to many of the problems that plague foster children, the foster care system and social workers working within this system. However, I agree with many others that addressing these problems with illegal and subversive (albeit courageous) tactics was inappropriate and ultimately damaging to the image of this profession. Giving credence to the myth that social workers remove children from homes at will, without investigation and documentation is dangerous.

  7. Watched it last night after work….didn’t entirely agree with the ending at all but was impressed with the way they moved through the episode.

  8. I saw the episode and wondered what I would do… that was a tough and ethical question and thought of the ethical ramifications if I didn’t help an abused child and what our system stands for and how often the children do get placed in the wrong homes and who really cares. If I had the opportunity to change the lives of the abused children and get away with it to provide them with a better life; then after a lot of soul searching I believe I would do it…

  9. The mom in me, the writer in me, the rebel in me, and the social worker who wants to make a positive difference in a negative world all liked this episode very much. I have quite an analytical mind, but I didn’t analyze the show, I was rooting the SW and PO on, praying for more people in the world willing to the right thing. Jesus would not have filed a form, He would have taken action.

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