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Troubled Actor Charlie Sheen to Play Social Worker with Anger Issues

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen will play a social worker who is trying to help criminal defendants in the Justice System, according to this article on However, the social worker will have anger issues of his own.

The series will be based on the film “Anger Management,” which starred Jack Nicholson. The project is the brainchild of Joe Roth, who produced and owns the rights to the 2003 film, reported.

Charlie Sheen has battled drug and alcohol problems which led to CBS and Warner Bros. firing him from the popular sitcom Two and a Half Men earlier this year. will look into this and report as soon as it can.

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  1. The is another major discount by the media of a profession significant in the survival and success of many people.
    The comedic film, “Anger Management” had a role portrayed by a multi-dimensional actor capable of demonstrating good comedy. Mr. Roth and TMZ are mistaken in having an actor with actual problems expressing his anger appear in a supposed comedic series. Mr. Sheen needs lots of clinical social work help before he will ever be able to perform suitably in such a role. Hopefully if Social Workers around the world ever see such a performance they will see this for the mistake it is and the public will find this a truly ill conceived idea for fun.

  2. While it is unlikely that anyone will buy into Sheen’s grandiose fantasy, We in Social Work should make it clear that we will protest any misrepresentation of Social Work Practice by the likes of Charlie Sheen.
    Sheen should be the Poster Boy for all that is dysfunctional in Hollywood.

    George Anderson, LCSW

  3. Well said, George!! I agree 100%!!
    I think we should actually protest the casting choice of Sheen to play the role even before they actually make the film – anyone want to join me on a picket outside of Joe Roth’s office ? ;-)
    Kathy G.

  4. Or, being media savvy, we use this as an opportunity to educate people on social work, what we do, how we behave on the job.
    I don’t inherently have a problem with Sheen, as therapists/social workers have their own demons to face as anyone else. I would be more concerned with how social work is depicted than who is doing the depicting.
    If it falls into the old stereotypes about sleeping with clients, using personal issues in working with clients, etc., that will be a major problem for us to address.

    Do we have consultants involved in this project? THAT is the battle we need to fight.

  5. This is another blow to our already poor image in popular media. Indeed, we need consultant working for Hollywood, or several because social work has so many different emphases!

    To paraphrase what a friend told me upon reading this: “Why is Charlie Sheen playing a social worker? He NEEDS a social worker!”

  6. Sounds like it will be another hit. Looking forward to seeing it!

  7. This probably will have a lot of gags like the movie anger management. I am not sure how serious it will be, or if it will be well-done. That movie seemed to go for cheap laughs. There have been some movies with “therapists” that did have some funny sections such as “What about Bob” and “Analyze This” but generally they don’t really go too deep into things.


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