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Sponsors Leaving “Jersey Shore”

"Jersey Shore" cast. Photo courtesy of MTV.

"Jersey Shore" cast. Photo courtesy of MTV.

Dell computers, American Family Insurance, and Domino’s Pizza have pulled advertisements from MTV’s popular “Jersey Shore,” (MTV on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET) over concerns the reality television program denigrates Italian Americans, according to news reports.

One thing that has folks fuming is the liberal use of the word “guido” to describe some of the eight housemates spending a summer on the New Jersey shore. Many Italian Americans consider that term offensive.

“Girls just love guidos…I know girls that just go for that,” said Mike, one of the program participants. “You can hate on me all you want to but what can you possibly say to someone who looks Rambo pretty much with his shirt off.”

All the advertising fuss is not turning off viewers. Ratings for the show climbed to 2.5 million viewers on Thursday night, according to TV Guide. The program has a 1.4 rating amoung adults aged 18-49, TV Guide said.

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