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Sapphire Used Social Worker Case Studies to Write New Book

Author Sapphire. Photo courtesy of The Guardian.

Author Sapphire, whose book “Push” was made into the film “Precious,” says it is unlikely her new novel “The Kid” will also get the Hollywood screen treatment, according to this interview in Great Britain’s Guardian.

“The Kid,” follows the travails of Abdul, the son of the character Claireece from “Push.” Abdul’s mother, who was sexually abused, impregnanted and infected with HIV by her father, dies from AIDS at the start of the book. Abdul ends up in foster care, where he also suffers sexual and other abuse before discovering  his talent for dance may be a key to a better life.

“In ‘Precious’ it’s about her as a victim and a survivor,” Sapphire said in The Guardian interview. “In ‘The Kid,’ it’s so dark in what it says about Abdul. We wouldn’t be able to get it made without an R rating — and with an R rating not everyone would be able to see it.”

Many social workers watched “Precious” to see how pop singer Mariah Carey played the role of social worker Ms. Weiss. Sapphire said she read social worker and psychiatrist case studies when writing “The Kid.”

Although some readers said they cannot believe the abuse depicted in her works is real, Sapphire says unfortunately such incidents are common.

“In Michigan one woman held up the book, trembling, saying: ‘I’ve never heard of anything like this in my life.’ On the other side of the room there was a psychiatrist who said: ‘I hear it every day.” interviewed Sapphire in 2009 shortly after the release of “Precious.” To read that interview click here.

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  1. One of the great things I like about authors who base their books off of actual events is that it can appeal to those in the field. I’ve watched Precious, and will be reading Push as well. The Kid sounds like a riveting book and seeing it from a male perspective covers several boundaries relating to young men who would rather shy away from having their vulnerabilities displayed. It’s a great awareness read and I am anxious to read it.

  2. I have information for a subject on social workers…false alleghetions of child abuse and neglect to steal kids and have them for government happened to me..and happens to alot of people..sincerely Janet Cross

  3. The reason many people have not heard about our children’s deep childhood trauma is because theyhave not heard of any writer who would dare to tell it the way Sapphire has. More people must step up to the proverbial plate and enlighten the world as Sapphire has and is. Thank you Sapphire, keep rocking the world.

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