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Radio show highlights mental health service for veterans

Silas W. Kelly, LMSW, CMHT

Silas W. Kelly, LMSW, CMHT

National Association of Social Workers member Silas Kelly, LMSW, invites you to listen to New York’s Z-100 radio show’s September 20 segment on  The Soldiers Project, an organization that provides veterans with free mental health services.

Kelly is co-producer of the “Get Active” segment on the Soldiers Project.

During the segment Linda Caginalp, MBA, Alicia Brackman, LCSW-BCD, and Lois Logan, LCSW-R, discussed the work  with The Soldiers Project does.

Here is a link you can use to listen to the program.

Social workers play an integral role in providing services to active duty members of the military, veterans and their families. To learn more visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Social Work and Service Members: Joining Forces to Support Veterans and Military Families” website or NASW’s  Help Starts Here Veterans Affairs website.



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  1. Hello Mr. Wright:

    Thank you again for helping to publicize this important radio broadcast. I am writing to ask you if I can submit my picture and an edited “timeless” version of the broadcast that could be linked to the program so that those that missed it could listen. That would be a great help to this cause. Please advise. Thank you.

  2. Mr. Kelly:

    Could you please email the link and your photo to me directly at

    Thank you.

    Greg wright

  3. Hello Mr. Wright:

    I sent the info last night. Thank you.

    Silas W. Kelly – LMSW, CMHT
    “Social Work Media Specialist”

  4. Hello Mr, Wright:

    I am wondering if you received the information you requested regarding the broadcast (Headshot & Audio File)? WIll you be able to post it?

    Please confirm at:

    Thank you

  5. silas congratulations for all of the hard work that you put in for our courageous military men and women. I’m looking forward to listening to the broadcast.

  6. November 8, 2015

    Mr. Greg Wright
    Public Relations Manager
    National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
    750 First St., NE Suite 800
    Washington, DC 20002

    Dr. Mr. Wright:

    I wanted to take a moment to send you out a heartfelt note of thanks for all the assistance that you provided me in publicizing the Z-100 Radio Broadcast that aired on September 20, 2015. The program highlighted the invaluable work that the Long Island, NY Chapter of “The Soldiers Project” is doing to assist returning Post 9/11 Veterans and their families. Your 9/15/15 posting on the regarding the show was extremely helpful in getting the word out and spreading awareness about the program to a much broader national audience.

    Mr. Wright, as helpful as that was you went even a step further. You also very graciously agreed to post a recording of the broadcast on the website afterward to allow others to access, download, and listen to the program. You made time to do this in the midst of preparing for the NASW 60th Anniversary Celebration. Now the message about the needs of our Veterans and their families can be heard nationally from coast-to-coast and even globally. I cannot thank you enough for that huge assist. The importance of this broadcast is twofold. First off the messages needed to be sent that “The Soldiers Project” offers their services free of charge to Post 9/11 Veterans and their families. Secondly, there is an urgent need for more volunteer therapist to assist with helping the Vets and their families. Your efforts will ensure that this message will continue to be put forth.

    In closing Mr. Wright I applaud your dedication, professionalism and expertise that you display in the execution of your tasks. Thank you again for all that you have done in support of this endeavor. I look forward to working with you in the future. Also if there is ever anything that I can do to assist you please do not hesitate to ask. It would be my distinct honor and pleasure to do so.


    Silas W. Kelly: LMSW, CMHT – “Social Work Media Specialist”
    NASW-NYS, Suffolk Division, Director

  7. Hello Donna:

    Thank you for your comment and your encouraging words. Please spread the word about the program and please leave a comment sharing your thoughts after you listen.

    Thanks again !!

  8. Mr. Kelly:

    Thanks so much for this letter as well as the woman from Alicia Brackman and Linda Caginalp. They really inspired me to keep doing the work I do for social workers. You are members of a great profession and I’m honored to do all I can do to let the public know about your contributions, including the work social workers do with active duty military, veterans and their families.

    Take care.

    Greg Wright
    NASW Public Relations Manager

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