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Movie to Watch: Sweet Dreams

Scene from "Sweet Dreams." Photo courtesy of official movie website.

Scene from “Sweet Dreams.” Photo courtesy of official movie website.

Entertainment public relations consultant Nevette Previd has helped link social workers to films some great films.

They include “Oranges and Sunshine,” a movie about British social work heroine Margaret Humphreys, and “Monsieur Lazhar,”  a film about about an Algerian substitute teacher who must help his students cope with the suicide of their former teacher.

Previd is now pitching a new film that social workers may love — “Sweet Dreams.”

The movie premieres Nov. 1 in New York City and Nov. 29 in Los Angeles. Go to the official film website to find information on screening locations and how to get tickets.

“Sweet Dreams” is about about Rwanda’s first and only women drumming group. The group is composed of women from both sides of the Rwandan 1997 genocide and is a symbol of reconciliation in that African nation.

Entrepreneurs Jennie Dundas and Alexis Miesen of Blue Marble Ice Cream in Brooklyn partner with the drumming group to open the first ice cream parlor in Rwanda. The movie follows this unusual partnership and mixes the group’s exuberant music with the women’s often heart-wrenching stories.

Social workers are often involved in international affairs, helping address social issues. To learn more visit the National Association of Social Workers International website.



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