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Former “Biggest Loser” Contestant In New Challenge


Photo of Shay Sorrells courtesy of Lane Bryant.

Photo of Shay Sorrells courtesy of Lane Bryant.

Subway will pay California social worker Shay Sorrells $1,000 a pound to continue shedding weight during the 9th season of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” which premieres Jan. 5 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Sorrells was the heaviest ever contestant on the program when she competed during the eighth season. She weighed in at 476 pounds but lost 170 pounds by the season finale. Sorrells, who was born to a drug-addicted mother and passed from foster home to foster home, is now a social worker committed to helping families in distress.

“It was mind-blowing enough to hear (trainer Bob Haper) say that my story inspired millions,” Sorrells said in this Los Angeles Times article.  “As a social worker, that’s my goal. And then I heard him say ‘$1,000 a pound.’ And I thought, ‘Did I hear that right?’ ”

Social workers often help people improve improve health and adopt better eating habits. To learn more visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” Eating Disorders and Healthy Lifestyles Web pages. And tell us what you think about Shay Sorrell’s story! Leave comments below.

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  1. I don’t have prior familiarity with this story, but Ms. Sorrells’ dramatic weight loss is certainly an extraordinary achievement. Shay’s own weight loss is a remarkable accomplishment. The fact that her story also inspired countless others, magnifies the depth of her achievement. As far as her continuing to shed weight for $1,000 a pound, my only concern is that doing so is truly in her long term best interest. I trust that this will be done with medical consultation and supervision, such that Shay’s rate of weight loss will not be excessive and there will be no complications down the road as a result of this endeavor.

    E. A. Wahrburg, MSW, LCSW (NC, NY)

  2. You are looking beautiful Shay! Can’t wait to see you at the BL Finale.

  3. shay you look beautiful! I rooted for you last season and can’t wait to see you at the finale this year!

  4. I was just wondering how much weight you lost?

  5. Hi Shay you look great i follow you on the show the biggest loser for a long time i’m trying myself to lose weight it is soooooooo hard i know i can’t give up enough about me i can’t wait to see you on the finale much love for you

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