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Film on Aged Out Foster Children Completed

Raif Walter and Mandy Baldwin on the cover of "From Place to Place" DVD.

“From Place to Place,” a documentary that follows the sometimes heart-rending tales of young adults who age out of the foster care system, is complete and available for purchase, said Matt Anderson, a Montana social worker who produced the film.

Social workers gave a 15-minute excerpt of “From Place to Place” positive buzz at the first Social Work FilmFest in Washington, D.C. in March.

“‘From Place to Place’ is a great tool for social workers all over the country,” Matt said. “Whether doing clinical work, case management, community organizing or policy work all social workers come into contact with the foster care system at some point in their careers.”

Former foster children face a variety of hurdles. Many have little or no contact with birth families and are at higher risk of becoming single parents or living with mental illness. According to a University of Washington School of Social Work study, 60 percent of male former foster children will be convicted of a crime and 40 percent of the women will end up on public assistance.

 Anderson, who is co-owner of the Porch Productions film company and a National Association of Social Workers member, used “From Place to Place” to follow underdogs Mandy Baldwin and Raif Walter as they set out to change the foster care system that raised them.

 Despite facing the all too common struggles of life post foster care, they are determined to not only make it but to change the system for the next generation of kids in care. Mandy and Raif go to Capitol Hill to meet members of Congress and present to the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth, which released a Call to Action on comprehensive child welfare reform.

 Later the pair go to Philadelphia and New York City to share their message.  “If every foster child had a voice I believe the system would literally change overnight,” Mandy said.

 To view the film’s trailer and purchase your copy you can go to:

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