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Documentary Filmmaker Looking for Social Workers

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Online television show host Nickeisha Urquhart is looking for female social workers who are willing to participate in documentaries and talk to others about dealing with depression and anxiety, eating disorders, abuse, bullying, self esteem and body image, and other issues.

“I don’t think there is enough attention or help for people who are dealing with them,” said Urquhart, 32, who lives in Toronto. “And they feel as if they are the only ones who are different and don’t seek attention or help.”

Nickeisha Urquhart

Urquhart created and hosted an online television program called “Strength of a Woman,” which brought women entrepreneurs on air to talk about their achievements and inspire others.

After recovering from a thyroidectomy Urquhart, who has suffered from bouts of depression in the past, decided to pursue her dream of filming documentaries featuring women who could talk to others about depression and other life challenges.

Urquhart is calling her project “She Fi8hters.”

She has already recruited two National Association of Social Workers members in New York to participate in She Fi8hters — Karol Ward, MSW, LCSW and Tina Greenbaum, MSW, LCSW.

Social workers who take part  in her documentaries should be prepared to do public speaking before small groups on topics they are interested in, Urquhart said. They will be paid for speaking engagements and for facilitating classes.

To learn more visit the She Fi8hters Website by clicking here or email Urquhart at

Social workers help clients overcome many of life’s hurdles. To learn  more visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” consumer Website by clicking here.

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  1. I am male so apparantly do not qualify here, however I would like say that through running many others have been helped to conquer self esteem, depression and make serious inroads on Mental Health disorders. This of course is a big movement in this country and applies to all physical fitness activities.

  2. Hello, my name is Danielle DeMailo. I am a 34 year old social worker, who has been in the field for about 12 years. I currently work as a therapist at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs in Tucson, AZ for veterans with mental illness, namely depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Bipolar D/O, and focus on childhood abuse and trauma. I have also worked with children and families, mostly youth struggling with many of the issues you are discussing here – self-esteem, abuse, eating disorders, and depression. I am very interested in participating in any of your documentaries if you are still requesting participants.
    I have also competed in public speaking in undergraduate school so I am very comfortable speaking in front of others. Finally, I have experienced many of the issues myself, so I am aware firsthand.

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