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Discovery’s TV Show “Prison Wives” Features Social Worker

Pam Booker. Photo Courtesy of the Discovery Channel.

The Investigation Discovery channel has launched a documentary series, “Prison Wives” that looks at married couples where one partner is incarcerated.

The episode airing Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 10 p.m. features New York social worker Pam Booker, who is married to former live-in boyfriend Lance Booker. Lance Booker was sentenced to two life sentences for first- and second-degree murder.

Here’s Investigation Discovery’s synopsis of the episode:

“Pam, a trained social worker, struggles to keep her husband comfortable in prison and his children connected to their dad. Fortunately, New York is one of five states in the U.S. that have ‘Family Reunion Programs,’ which allow Pam and Lance to spend quality time together in special apartments on prison grounds 6 times a year.”

Q: Do you think marriage for inmates is a good or bad idea?

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  1. Very much an individual choice. I would say, however, that ‘prison’ is not a good idea, the way it currently operates…and this is my field…

  2. marriage to a inmate is not for all women, my self i have been married twice to the same man the last time in prison we mark our tenth anniversay in november. we also have a daughter who is 29yrs. old. to me that makes a difference. you already have a connection and you already are in love with him. i can say without a doubt that my husband feels he has a reason to hope and most of all he feels loved and needed. yet you have to be commited to this it is very hard to wait and be alone.

  3. My boyfriend got revocated and went back to prison about six months ago. I recently just gave birth to my first child a little boy and things seem to be getting harder and harder since my boyfriend cannot be around to be with us. It is his first child as well and it is hard to not want to hold grudges against him for being put back in prison while I was pregnant. My son is almost a month old and at the end of the month we are going to visit his dad…. This will be the only time I get to visit him because we live in PA and they shipped him to prison in Texas…. How do you guys keep everything together? I wake up somedays so angry at him and with such hopelessness….

  4. I think it can be a win win situation. For one we are all human and we cannot control the way we feel, I am not married to my inmate as of yet but, we will be getting married soon in the next few months. Just remember no one is picture perfect and no one but God can control the way we feel. My inmate and I have been writting each other now for about 9 months and had our first visit together December 2009 and now we are engaged to be married soon, I have been visiting with him every month and we have fun with each other this is the happiest I have ever been we love each other very much and in the end it is our decision no matter what others have to say. We do not live our dreams off others opinions.

  5. my husband is sittin in county jail right now wait to see if they sentence him to life of death for killing someone im a single mom wit two boy one is 4 the other is 1 its hard doin it by urself but u got to give that person thats in prison that u love hope

  6. What is the contact information for Pam Booker……..prison wife of Lance Booker? Is there an email or phone number? Please. Thank you

  7. I truly believe that a man in prison has absolutely nothing to offer a woman. Why stay commited to someone like that and suffer. They are the ones doing time. Those men are selfish. I would divorce, leave him there and go on with my life.

  8. I would like to write to pam booker, any info on how to contact her, and annika powell.

  9. Ms. Rodriguez:

    I will forward your email to Ms. Booker.

    Greg Wright
    Senior Public Relations and Communications Specialist
    National Association of Social Workers

  10. I do not think marriage and inmate go together. I find it to be a waste of time, effort and energy. Why suffer because of him, you are not behind bars, he is. You did not commit the crime, he did, so why stay with someone who made the decision to do something stupid. I say cut your losses and leave him there, move on. You are worth more than that.

  11. Seems like pam booker can use a friend, write to me pam. Send me your e- mail address. And maybe someone could send me annika powells e- mail address to.

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