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Suicide signs in teens can be hard to detect

Kaylee Rebert, left, and Nicholas Marino. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Kaylee Rebert, left, and Nicholas Marino. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Detecting whether a teenager is suicidal can be difficult for parents, National Association of Social Workers member Pamela Farkas said in this article on Huffington Post.

That is because some parents can mistake the signs for typical teenage behavior, she said.

Farkas provided her tips in response to recent news reports about Nicholas Marino, 13, and his girlfriend Kaylee Rebert, 14, who ran away from home.

Marino left a suicide note, raising concern the couple would kill themselves. However, they were found safe.

Farkas said some signs a teenager is considering suicide include becoming more isolated and not participating in athletics and other activities they used to enjoy. Teens who are usually happy may become depressed and teens who are usually more withdrawn may suddenly become outgoing, she said.

“If it happens once, however, it doesn’t mean they are depressed,” Farkas said.

To learn more visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” Suicide Prevention website.



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