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Girls try to live up to unrealistic media images

Celebrities such as singer Beyonce look very different before stylists apply makeup, hairstyles and designer clothing. Yet girls mistakenly try to live up to that image. Photo courtesy of INC Now.

The self esteem of girls plummets after age 9 because they feel they do not live up to the idealized images of women in the media, according to this television report on Indiana News Center Now.

National Association of Social Workers member Megan Spinks, MSW, LCSW, who was interviewed for the news segment, said parents should encourage daughters not to focus so much on how they look or what they wear. 

Megan Spinks

“Acknowledge their uniqueness and value them for who they are and what they are versus what they wear and what their appearance is,” Spinks said.

In fact, the news report said actresses, models and singers who appear in the media often have their images molded by an army of cosmetic artists and stylists.

The report flashed before an after images of celebrities, including singer Beyonce. Girls as young as aged 10 are now demanding makeup so they can live up to this image.

The Oprah Winfrey Network recently asked social workers to review “Miss Representation,” a documentary that looks at how the media image of women has a harmful effect on how women feel about themselves and are viewed by men. To read the panel discussion on that movie click here.


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