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Friendships Just as Important for Men as Women

Dr. Geoffrey Greif. Photo courtesy of University of Maryland.

Men’s friendships are not as physically or emotionally expressive as women’s. Men tend to prefer doing activities with their friends, such as sports or playing cards. However, that does not mean friendships for men are not important, according to social worker and friendship expert Geoffrey Greif, DSW.

Wall Street Journal reporter Jeffrey Zaslow quoted Greif extensively in his recent article on the dynamics of male bonding, “Friendship for Guys (No Tears!)”. To read the full story click here.

Greif, who has studied 386 men who made and kept friendships, said men get great support from  friends but prefer close associates, whether male or female, be low maintenance.

When picking friends, “men don’t want someone who is too needy,” said Greif, who is a professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work and a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

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