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Bickering Parents Worse for Kids Than Divorce

Eluisa Brunetto. Photo courtesy of the Greenwich Citizen.

The blame game between parents who are divorcing often has a worst effect on children than the divorce itself, social worker Eluisa Brunetto, MSW, LCSW, said in this article in Connecticut’s Greenwich Citizen.

“Parents should thus avoid fighting or discussing matters relating to the divorce in front of their children as these issues can be very unsettling for children,” wrote Brunetto, who is a National Association of Social Workers member and works at Family Centers, a nonprofit that offers education and human services to children and families.

Brunetto also offered other advice, including joint parental counseling for divorcing couples.

For more tips for divorced parents, click here to read an article by social worker Elliot Fisch, LCSW, on NASW’s “Help Starts Here” consumer Web site.

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  1. Divorce can be extremely traumatic to families, especially children. My children’s picture book, Living With Mom, Spending Time With Dad takes us through a myriad of emotions that two children, Stephen and Alex experience through this tumultuous period. The children, especially Alex gives an extremely candid and honest account of the day to day trauma, the hostility and at times the many poignant memories that he has. Living with Mom, Spending Time with Dad also addresses the concerns and anguish of being torn between two parents. Throughout the story there is that underlying hope that everything will turn out alright and everyone will be back in their original comfort zone.

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