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2018 NASW Media Awards – Radio/Podcasts

MediaAwardLogoNASW invites you to vote for newspaper articles, newspaper columns, magazine stories, blogs, radio segments, television news programs, TV shows, films, film documentaries, and trade publications that you think best portrayed the social work profession in 2016.

Please listen to each news segment before choosing which you think best portrays the social work profession.


Arizona Social Workers Tackle Tough Issues

Public News Service

This news segment, which features NASW Arizona Executive Jeremy Arp, examines some of the tough issues the state’s 10,000 social workers are confronting, including President Trump’s actions toward Dreamers and Child Welfare.

Health Issues Stack Up in Houston as Harvey Evacuees Seek Shelter


This radio segment highlighted several social workers and others who were working on the scene to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey who were experiencing mental health and health issues.

Raising Sexually Healthy Children: Advice from an Expert

BDN Blogs

This podcast interview from Bangor News with social worker Jnnifer Wiessner, LCSW, a certified sex therapist in Cumberland, Maine, gives parents advice on how to talk to and educate their children about sex.

When Schools Meet Trauma With Understanding, Not Discipline


This radio segment follows the work of New Orleans social worker Rochelle Gauthier and others who are  doing the heroic work of helping  children affected by trauma, including witnessing murders and other crimes, get the best possible education they can.

How Does a Psychotherapist Work?


This podcast series looks at how certain human services professions, including social work, are working during the uncertain, stressful Trump Administration. They interview social worker Shane’a Thomas, who works with people who are LGBTQIA at the Whitman Walker Clinic in Washington, D.C.


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