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Orlando shootings must spur us to change way we view ourselves, others

Kristin Lee, EdD, LICSW. Photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

Kristen Lee, EdD, LICSW. Photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

National Association of Social Workers member Kristen Lee, EdD, LICSW, says the horrific shootings at the Pulse LGBT nightclub in Orlando that left 49 people dead should spur people to change the dangerous ways we think about ourselves and others.

These ways of thinking prevent people from living together in harmony.

Lee wrote in  Huffington Post that individuals and society should make pluralism a priority and drop the notion that only one religious, ethnic, racial, political or identity group should enjoy safety and well-being.

People should also be curious about others instead of automatically thinking someone is weird if they do not behave or look the same way they do.

Lee, who is a professor, therapist and author, identified other steps people and society should take to avoid future tragedies such as Orlando and improve relationships with others. Read the full Huffington Post article to learn more.

Social workers support social justice for all, including women, people from the LGBT community and various racial and ethnic groups. To learn more visit the National Association of Social Workers’ Diversity and Equity website.

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