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News Items – September 10, 2019

Nancy Kislin is a member:
[Video] One on one with Steve Adubato
New Jersey Public Television
S2019 E2244: Stephen Briganti; Nancy Kislin; Kate Fiske: Stephen Briganti discusses Ellis Island’s newest addition, a 26,000-square-foot museum telling the history of the Statue of Liberty; Nancy Kislin talks about the social and emotional impact lockdown drills have on children, parents and teachers; Kate Fiske explains how focusing on ways to help families that have a loved-one with autism is equally as important as helping the child.

Can We Prevent Mass Shootings By Preventing Suicide?
“We interviewed a social worker who had an encounter with a school shooter who had been in a suicidal crisis and [had] been admitted to the hospital before his eventual shooting occurred,” Densley said. “The social worker immediately recognized something was wrong and tried very hard to get the individual into treatment, but there were a lot of questions about his exact diagnosis and availability of psychiatric care in the community. In the end, she was unable to secure him the treatment she was trying very, very hard to get. And a few weeks later he went on to perpetrate a school shooting.”

Marla Monk is a member:
New Mental Health Clinic Offers Transportation, Child Care To Get Veterans Help
Licensed clinical social worker Marla Monk’s husband has been in the Navy for 23 years. She said she has seen how the demands of the job have affected him and his familial relationships. “He is sacrificing his time away from his kids — he’s missed birthdays, he’s missed Christmases, he’s missed … a pre-school graduation, and that’s hard,” said Monk, who’s father is also a veteran.

Lequita Brooks is a member:
Unique Black Woman-Owned Therapy Practice Helps Busy Professionals Prioritize Self-Care
A Jacksonville-native, Lequita Brooks is the CEO and Founder of Therapy Topia. She holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Florida State University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Brooks has extensive experience as a social worker working with Employee Assistance Programs and in hospice care as well as nearly seven years of experience with the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program.

Candace Rutherford is a member:
Stop Bullying, Help Prevent Suicide
Franklin County Free Press (PA)
“Bullying becomes apparent when one person or group appears to have mental or emotional leverage over another,” said Candace Rutherford, director of outpatient behavioral health services and licensed clinical social worker with WellSpan Behavioral Health. “This doesn’t include isolated events that happen once or twice. Bullying is habitual.”

Rebecca Ogle is a member
6 Signs You’re Enabling Your Grown Child (and How to Stop)
Yahoo Lifestyle
“When your adult kids ask you how to do something, suggest that they Google it. It might sound harsh, but they are capable. They will figure it out,” says Rebecca Ogle, clinical social worker and licensed therapist who practices teletherapy in Illinois. Along those same lines, she says to stop doing things for your kids that are their responsibility. “By stopping, you give them the opportunity to: A. Do nothing and suffer the consequences or B. Do what they need to. The choice is up to them.”

Tam Dinh is a member:
Saint Martin’s University Receives $1.15 Million Grant From U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to Expand the Opioid Workforce
Thurston Talk
“There is a critical shortage of substance use disorder professionals in Washington state,” said Tam Dinh, Ph.D., LICSW, associate professor of social work and social work program director, who serves as the principal investigator on the grant. “These paid graduate internships will rapidly increase the number of health and behavioral health professionals trained in opioid use and substance use disorders and prepare them to be at the forefront in addressing the current opioid epidemic. The grant also allows us to connect with our community in practical and innovative ways through our mobile clinic; undergraduate social work, psychology and nursing students will bring services to the clients. Students will have the opportunity to engage and connect with those living at homeless encampments and provide health and behavioral health screenings when clients are ready.”

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