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News Items – November 13, 2012

Digging for truth in hoarding TV shows
UNO’s Grace Abbott School of Social Work hired Christiana Bratiotis, who has specialized in researching hoarding for nearly a decade now. Her background in mental health practice, research, and teaching made her the perfect source for the truths behind the misconceptions about hoarding.

Parents of bullied children also feel like victims, UWO professor says
UW Oshkosh Today
UW Oshkosh assistant professor of social work James Brown’s study of the impact of middle school bullying on parents was published recently in the “Journal of Interpersonal Violence.” Brown’s interest in bullying began when he worked as a school social worker, serving youth ages 4 to 21 who had emotional and learning disabilities. He later worked on developing an intervention called “Verbal Judo” to help youth deal with bullies.

Looking for solutions to the bullying problem
Statistics consistently show that about a third of children in a school are likely to engage in bullying or be the target of bullies. It’s about 25 percent for high schools in Connecticut, said social worker Catherine Hogan, who specializes in the subject of school bullying. She is a licensed clinical social worker, a school social worker, and a past president of the Connecticut Association of School Social Workers.

BIA details steps taken for child protection at Spirit Lake
Grand Forks Herald
Also, the BIA informed staff members of the North Dakota congressional delegation Friday that it has hired a social worker to manage the Spirit Lake Tribe’s social services program. The delegation, which has been pressing for improvements in handling reports of suspected child abuse and neglect on the reservation, was told that the BIA now has child protective services on call at all hours, in cooperation with BIA law enforcement.

SAFE asks donors to help ‘Heal a Hero’
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
Social worker Don McCasland, left, and Methodist Pastor Jodi McCullah, right, have merged their military and family counseling service, The Lazarus Project, into the SAFE (Soldiers and Families Embraced) Network run by psychologist Rebecca Townsend.

Failed to Death: “System was set up to fail”
Denver Post
“Is the work doable?” said Renee Rivera, executive director of the Colorado chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. “They go in because they care about kids, they want to help kids and help families and help society fix this problem, and they get just overloaded.”

Social worker gives $2.5 million for Hardin County Schools
LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) — The largest charitable gift in Hardin County history stands to give students the opportunity to attend college for generations to come. A social worker gave $2.4 million to Hardin County Schools. Charley Nell Llewelleyn was a trailblazer — a social worker for Hardin County Schools from 1967 to 1987, friends say Llewellyn was an advocate for disadvantaged children and championed women’s rights issues at a time when many women were fighting for equality.

Police learn strategies to help the mentally ill
“It’s a commitment of time, but our time that we spend on it is absolutely worthwhile for the service that these officers provide to persons in need in our community,” said Burgess, a clinical social worker for six years.

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