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News Items – March 11, 2021

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Kathleen Gilbert is a member:
What we’ve lost, what we’ve learned during our year of COVID
CT Mirror
Kathleen Gilbert, a social worker at Darien High School, said the pandemic has been traumatic for students, causing them to lose much of what oriented their lives. “In addition to not being in school, there’s the isolation of being home. Sometimes kids couldn’t get together with friends, so the social isolation,” Gilbert said. “Family isolation because different generations weren’t necessarily getting together. So it was a year of loss. It was a year of a lot of things that didn’t happen and that were challenging.”

Kate Mohan and Karen Wilkow are members:
Social Workers Talk About Life During COVID
The Tablet
March is National Social Work Month and the theme of this year’s celebration is “Social Workers are Essential.” The theme would seem to be right on target, judging from what Karen Wilkow, a social worker with 20 years of experience has to say about her job. “We are a key part of the team taking care of the patient — just as doctors and nurses are,” said Wilkow, who works in a unit run by Calvary Hospital in NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn in Sunset Park.… “It’s a rewarding and gratifying job,” said Kate Mohan, assistant director of support services.

[Audio] Palmetto Mornings talks with Angelo McClain about the After Effects of the Pandemic
WHRI AM 1340
COVID-19 has been with us a full year. Over 500K lives have been lost. There will also be social and economic impacts. Angelo McClain, Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Social Workers is on the show to discuss these further impacts. What will be the role of social workers in helping with the after effects of the pandemic?

Social Workers Instead of Police? Denver’s 911 Experiment Is a Promising Start
What social workers really need are more options — the term of art is “referral avenues” — that provide comprehensive alternatives to criminalization, says Melvin Wilson, senior policy consultant for the National Association of Social Workers, who co-authored an October 2020 report on pre-arrest diversion and 911 alternatives. “Eventually it will shake out to be more of a community-based model, but we don’t want to be replacing police,” he says.

Hannah Ashley is a member:
More than just athletes: Mental health importance grows in college sports
Baylor Lariat
According to Baylor’s Student-Athlete Mental Health Services, 30% of the 670 student-athletes on campus have experienced overwhelming anxiety, while 25% of student-athletes report being exhausted from the mental demands of their sport. Hannah Ashley, Associate Director of Mental Health Services and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, said it’s because of the unique challenges they face.

Jeremy Fusco is a member:
Texas Therapists See Surge in Clients Due to Pandemic, Historic Freeze
Jeremy Fusco, a social worker and U.S. Air Force veteran, says he’s seeing this trend among those he’s counseling as well. As a licensed clinical social worker, he’s passionate about providing mental health counseling to address the needs of those experiencing moral injury, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, adjustment, depression, anxiety, and relationship dynamics, just to name a few.

Mina Bibeault is a member:
Opinion: Stamford schools social worker says ‘let us wait until most staff and students are fully inoculated’
Stamford Advocate
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a School Social Worker for the Stamford Public Schools. My highest priority is to ensure the safety (physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially) of my students and my colleagues. It is no secret that this pandemic has spun the world from its axis. It certainly has spun mine, as I horrifically lost my healthy brother to COVID-19 in April 2020.

Latonia Johnson is a member:
Planting Seeds in the Lives of Others
The Perquimans Weekly (NC)
National School Social Work Week is this week, so the Perquimans Weekly wanted to louch base with Latonia Johnson, who has worked 23 years as a social worker.… A licensed clinical social worker, Johnson has earned a bachelor’s degree is Social Work/Sociology from Elizabeth City State University, a master’s degree in Social Work from Norfolk State University, and a doctoral degree in Human Services from Capella University.

Ken Page is a member:
8 Things To Keep In Mind If You’re Dating Again After Being Cheated On
Mind Body Green
With that in mind, it’s also important to recognize any feelings of shame surrounding the cheating, relationship therapist Ken Page, LCSW, explains. Thoughts like, “I’m not attractive enough,” or “Why did my last partner want someone else?” may come up, as you attempt to blame yourself for your partner’s poor choices. This requires “a lot of tender care and support,” he adds.

WLU Observes Social Work Month
West Liberty University
West Liberty University has much to celebrate with its growing Social Work Program during Social Work Month 2021. “March is the national observation of Social Work Month and we have so much to be proud of here at West Liberty University. We are one of only six state institutions in West Virginia that has an accredited BSW degree,” said Sylvia Hawranick Senften, Ed.D., MSW, who is WLU’s Social Work Program director.

Juan Rios is a member:
South Orange Teams with Seton Hall University and Essex County for New Community Care & Justice Program, Seeks Input
Initiated by Village President Sheena Collum, the Community Care & Justice (CC&J) initiative is a collaboration between the South Orange community, Seton Hall University and Essex County. The initiative seeks to reimagine traditional models of law enforcement by putting a greater emphasis on wellness and crisis prevention while embedding care and compassion service values into all facets of police operational strategies and enhancing training for de-escalation and implicit bias. The program will be led by Trustee Donna Coallier, chair of the Village’s Health and Public Safety Committee, and Dr. Juan Rios, Director of Seton Hall University’s Master of Social Work program.

Molly Zive is a member:
The Covid entrepreneurs: Americans start millions of new businesses
Financial Times
Molly Zive, 31, is a licensed clinical social worker who used to work full time taking calls for an insurance company’s employee assistant line. Once the pandemic began, she was taking 20 to 30 crisis calls a day and began to feel burnt out. She decided to start taking private practice therapy clients on the side while working from home.

Abigail Reifsnyder is a member:
In pandemic, families need coordination, support to help youths cope with mental health struggles
The Berkshire Eagle
Many parents also have found themselves second-guessing the decisions they make, said Abby Reifsnyder, a therapist and licensed independent clinical social worker. “Am I making the best decision for my kid right now? Should I send them to school? Should I keep them home? Should I let them play with their friend? There are so many decisions that just feel like they’re life and death, that feel like they have such severe consequences,” Reifsnyder said. “I think that parents can be really hard on themselves, just because they care so much.”

Touro Celebrates Social Work Month
Touro College
March is “Social Work Month” and Touro’s Graduate School of Social Work is celebrating with a series of virtual events that include promoting legislative action at the state capitol, and addressing the pandemic at a United Nations event and at the school’s annual Community Day. Against the backdrop of the pandemic and the economy, the profession’s theme for the month is “Social Workers are Essential”.

Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois Recognizes Social Work Month
Daily Herald
With March being National Social Work Month, LCFS of Illinois is joining with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to remember the many ways social workers support people, including providing mental health and substance use disorder treatment, assisting active-duty military, veterans and their families, in schools, helping children get the services they need to get the best possible education, and protecting children from abuse and neglect.

DCFS social workers make memories for Social Work Month
The Loop
Social Work Month is a global observance which we are very passionate about committing to in March,” said DCFS Director Mrs. Paulinda Mendoza-Williams. “The observance’s theme in 2021 is ‘Social Workers are Essential’ and in part reference’s the outstanding commitment and flexibility of the human services sector in the Cayman Islands throughout the pandemic.

Puja T. Parikh and Sam Talone are members:
These 5 Iconic TV Couples Are Actually Very Problematic (Sorry, Ross & Rachel)
Pure Wow
According to Puja T. Parikh, a board-certified behavior analyst and a licensed clinical social worker who practices psychotherapy, Callie and Arizona could no longer support each other in the way they needed—which definitely helps explain Callie’s decision. Parikh told Insider: “They both want to be the best and often do not offer the emotional support the other may need. Furthermore, due to their strong and proud personalities, they refuse to let their partner know they need help.”

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