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News Items – March 1, 2013

Esty, Hoyer Hold Sequestration Discussion in Farmington
The participants discussed many of the different ways sequestration could impact a wide variety of sectors of Connecticut’s economy and harm the livelihoods of people across the state. The participants included: Steve Karp – Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers, and many others.

How to measure success as a social worker
Being a social worker can be one of the most rewarding careers in the world. Not only do social workers help to change the lives of people in communities, it is also financially rewarding. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average annual salary of a social worker is over $50,000. With unlimited abilities to help people improve their lives, if you are considering a career as a social worker, you should think about how to measure success.

Kansas’ top court: Lesbian mothers have same parental rights
Kansas City Star
Stephanie Goodenow, an attorney who represented the National Association of Social Workers, which filed a legal brief in the case, said the ruling put aside political issues and was a “great result for kids.”

Taking overdue look at PTSD
Peoria Journal Star
By LESLIE RENKEN Everyone has heard of post-traumatic stress disorder in relation to soldiers, but Dennis Crowell, a licensed clinical social worker, wants people to be aware that PTSD can happen to anyone

School of Social Work plans to install virtual reality lab
The University of Alabama Crimson White
The University of Alabama’s School of Social Work will soon install a virtual reality research lab, only the third of its kind in the country. The lab will allow UA researchers to perform research, therapy and clinical studies of participants in a simulated environment much more accurate to the real world than most other forms of research.

Jobs That Aren’t Going Away
Yahoo! Education
Career #3: Social Worker: Number of new jobs added between 2010 and 2020: 161,200; 2010-2020 job growth: 25 percent.

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