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News Items – June 3, 2022

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When a teenager wants a semiautomatic rifle, that’s enough of a red flag
Washington Post
A pair of mass shootings perpetrated by disturbed young gunmen — one in Buffalo, the other in Uvalde, Tex. — come in haunting succession. The repetition, the needless loss of life, the political gridlock easily give way to an exasperation bordering on fatalism — a feeling that nothing can be done. Rampage homicides are rare, accounting for a relatively small fraction of overall gun homicides, and the research base is correspondingly less clear regarding what best prevents such atrocities. But available evidence does suggest the value of one common-sense measure: raising the minimum age at which people can buy firearms to 21.

School Counselors on How to Help Students Recover From Pandemic Stress
The New York Times
In the survey, three-quarters of counselors described needing more staff in schools to address children’s social and emotional needs. This month, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, called students’ mental health “America’s silent epidemic,” and called for more school counselors, social workers, psychologists and nurses.

Diane Barth is a member:
What Can You Do When You’re Having Trouble Moving On?
Psychology Today
Most situations are not clear-cut. We may question our motivations. Maybe, we think (or someone tells us) we are being selfish or unfeeling. Maybe this is what life is supposed to be like. Maybe it’s our fault that things are going wrong. Self-blame can be a trap, though. It can keep you in a bad relationship and make you leave one that isn’t all bad. One other factor that can make it hard to decide whether or not to move on is fearof attachment. Some of us have an underlying fear of being connected, often related to old experiences of being repeatedly disappointed or hurt by someone we love or need.

Diana Anzaldua is a member:
Abortion Doesn’t Fuck Up Our Mental Health. Losing the Right to It Will.
Diana Anzaldua, LCSW, founder of Austin Trauma Therapy Center in Austin, Texas, says that forced parenthood only leads to continued cycles of trauma, as well as intergenerational trauma. “When we remove autonomy and choice, we’re increasing levels of trauma on a person and their nervous system through toxic stress.”

Lebanon to suspend abortion ban, won’t enforce ordinance until it’s amended
Just two days after celebrating the first anniversary of its citywide abortion ban, Lebanon agreed not to enforce it. The National Association of Social Workers and “Women Have Options Ohio” sued the city over the ordinance, making abortion a misdemeanor. The lawsuit claims the law is too vague and violates free speech. Lebanon agreed not to prosecute anyone while they amend the law. “We will remain vigilant and monitor how Lebanon attempts to address the ways in which its extreme abortion ban violates the U.S. and Ohio constitutions. Our lawsuit will continue until people’s rights are fully protected,” the National Association of Social Workers and Women said in a statement.

New York Senate Passes Landmark Voting Rights Legislation
Legal Defense Fund
“Equal access to voting is a central tenet of democracy. Systemic racism has kept communities of color from exercising this basic right for far too long,” said Dr. Samantha Fletcher, Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers, New York State chapter.  “New York must lead the effort to ensure every citizen has equal access to the voting booth.  Social workers in New York commend the Senate and urge the Assembly to pass the NYVRA before the end of the session.”

The Impact of Roe v. Wade’s Possible Overturn on the Mental Health of LGBTQIA People
The United States has weathered a seemingly never-ending barrage of difficult situations recently, all of which can take a toll on one’s mental health. “We are experiencing the convergence of several major crises in this nation all at once — all of which are impacting individuals’ sense of security, health and wellness and, as a result, their mental health,” says Jennifer Thompson, director of the New Jersey chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

Colleen Parks is a member:
How should you talk to your kids about school shootings? Here’s what experts say
Shaw Local (IL)
Adults should listen and be prepared to respond to a range of questions depending on their child’s age, said Colleen Parks, a licensed clinical social worker at the DeKalb County Family Service Agency. It’s also important for parents to identify themselves as someone who can be a child’s “safe” person who won’t judge them, said Parks, who also is the agency’s clinical director and associate executive director.

Nadine Heusner is a member:
Daytona clinic works to remove stigma surrounding mental illness
The Dayton Beach News-Journal
“I’ve been in the field for 25 years and I feel that there’s a greater acceptance of mental health in the Black community from when I first started out. There used to be this huge taboo,” said Nadine Heusner, licensed clinical social worker at Outreach Community Care Network in Daytona Beach. “One of the great barriers that I see in my private practice is that many people of color don’t have health insurance.

Jessica Schlosberg is a member:
[Video] 2 Your Well-Being: Navigating transitions after your child graduates
We’re right in the middle of graduation season. Thousands of Guilford County Schools’ students will graduate at ceremonies this weekend. They’re about to enter a whole new phase of life, whether they’re going to college or going to work. The transition can cause anxiety for parents and their children. Jessica Schlosberg, a licensed clinical social worker from Cone Health Outpatient Behavioral Health, explains how to make it easier for everyone.

Lorna Little is a member:
St. Anne’s President/CEO, Lorna Little, LCSW, advocates for youth and family development with innovative programming
LA Sentinel
In 2018, St. Anne’s Family Services appointed Lorna Little, LCSW, as President/CEO making her the first African American woman and first woman to lead the non-profit in its century-long standing. St. Anne’s is a social services agency that provides housing, early childhood education, mental health, and other services to current and former foster youth and families. It was founded in 1908 as a home for young pregnant women who had no place to turn to. St. Anne’s has grown into a social services agency that is committed to providing programs and support to young women, children, and families regardless of their race or religion.

Claire Lerner is a member:
Stop Working So Hard to Calm Your Kids
Psychology Today
It is counterintuitive for many, but the fact is that more than ever, parents are doing far too much when kids experience a hard time. As always, this comes from the most loving place: parents don’t want to see their children in distress and will do whatever they can to relieve that discomfort. It also comes from a misinterpretation of messages many of my families have absorbed on social media about the importance of accepting, validating, and being present when kids are distressed.

Nikka Peralta is a member:
Hurt people raising hurt people: Advocates and parents decry a dire lack of mental health services
Las Cruces Sun News
Providers say they’re overwhelmed by the demand. Nikka Peralta, a clinical social worker and owner of Mending Hearts, a small trauma-informed practice in Albuquerque, said she turns away two or more people every day. “We are in a mental health crisis here,” she said. “Sometimes I get four calls in a day and I have to tell people that we have a super extensive waitlist. It’s unethical to put somebody on a waitlist for six months.”

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