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News Items – July 8, 2021

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Risa Garon is a member:
How to Support Adult Children Struggling With Mental Health
The New York Times
Mirean Coleman, a clinical manager for the National Association of Social Workers with a private practice in Washington, D.C., agrees that normalizing the situation is key; tell your child that many people struggle with their mental health and that it often helps to talk to someone about how they’re feeling. “Let them know that you will be with them every step of the way” and help them get to a better place, she said.

LSU posted bad information about restraining orders on its website. Why did it take the university almost six weeks to change it?
Louisiana Illuminator
Ayn Stehr, the executive director of the National Association of Social Workers — Louisiana chapter, also said the original website language was misleading and possibly dangerous for survivors. “[LSU] didn’t bother to do any research on our laws and they didn’t talk to anyone who has experience in this area,” said Stehr, an attorney who is the legal consultant for the Louisiana Supreme Court’s Protective Order Registry and a former state lobbyist for the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Kelly Vagts is a member:
Learning how to help: Health department, hospital host suicide prevention workshop
Moab Sun News
“It’s about recognizing the changes in behavior that stay consistent, which parents and teachers can look for,” Vagts said. Such changes can include loss of interest in formerly favorite activities, inconsistent sleep, isolation from friends, bruising, hair loss, changes in eating patterns, irritability, defensiveness, emotionality, suffering grades or lack of care for hygiene.

Why a focus on mental health is essential for students returning to school in the fall, experts say
ABC News
The National Association of School Psychologists recommends a ratio of no more than 500 students per school psychologist. In the 2019-2020 school year, the national ratio was estimated to be more than double, and only one state met the recommended ratio, the organization said. The National Association of Social Workers and American School Counselor Association both recommend a ratio of 250 students per social worker and counselor, which most states also fail to meet, according to a 2019 ACLU report.

An OSU-Cascades study examines child welfare caseworker retention
The Bulletin
Between 30% and 40% of caseworkers leave the profession, and the average tenure for caseworkers is less than two years, according to the National Association of Social Workers. That supervisor’s support helped Grimes from burning out and seeking a new career. Grimes’ experience is an example of an approach that can lead to caseworker retention, according to a recent Oregon State University-Cascades study, where researchers examined factors that keep child welfare caseworkers from jumping ship.

Kiva Harper is a member:
North Texas counseling service educates therapists on how systemic racism affects mental health care
The Dallas Morning News
Kiva Harper, a licensed clinical social worker, sees clients who are predominantly people of color. Many of them share stories about microaggressions — or subtle and often unintentional instances of discrimination — that they encounter with other therapists. Some of her clients feel they have been stereotyped as the “angry Black woman.” Other therapists have treated them “as if they were threatening” when they expressed anger in sessions, Harper said. This forced her clients to hold back from being truly vulnerable, and they often felt unsafe in therapy.

Claudine Aievoli is a member:
Calvary Lutheran Church hosts forum on handling anxiety
LI Herald
Dealing with anxiety was the subject of a seminar at East Meadow’s Calvary Lutheran Church last Saturday. “Surviving and Thriving in Anxious Times” featured speaker Claudine Aievoli, a licensed clinical social worker and the owner of Sound Mind Counseling in Merrick. The session focused on identifying and handling anxiety, especially, Aievoli said, in high-anxiety times like the coronavirus pandemic.

Edward Harper is a member:
BMH COLUMN; The challenges of being a caregiver can be overwhelming
The Daily Times (Maryville, TN)
They say time is the great equalizer. No matter how fast, strong or smart we are, time has the potential to take those qualities away from us. As we age, our capabilities tend to decline, leaving us to rely on others for assistance to do the things that were once simple or trivial. Such is the role of the caregiver: to help loved ones maintain the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed as much as possible. Blount Memorial licensed clinical social worker Edward Harper says the tasks of caregiving typically fall to two types of people: children and spouses.

Amanda Zaidman is a member:
Avoid These 5 Habits To Raise Kids Who Take Full Responsibility
Instead of placing the blame elsewhere, teach your children how to use “I Statements.” According to licensed clinical social worker Amanda J. Zaidman of Constructive Parenting, using “I Statements” helps children put their responses to situations into context and helps them more fully see their part in the events that unfolded.

This can be especially important when a child resorts to anger or feels upset over something that, in retrospect, they played a part in. Instead of playing the victim card, “I Statements” helps children avoid false blame and learn how to accept responsibility.

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