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News Items – July 7, 2011

How To Keep Your Commute From Hurting Your Marriage
Huffington Post
Try these steps offered by Dr. Judith Coche, a clinical psychologist and couples counselor in Philadelphia, and Rachel Sussman, a licensed clinical social worker and New York City couples therapist.

Creator of Comedy Central’s ‘Ugly Americans’ is sitting pretty
Washington Post
The show follows Department of Integration social worker Mark Lilly (voiced by Matt Oberg) and his creature cohorts as they help new citizens — both human and others — adapt to life in the Big Apple.

Brian T. Watson: Sheriff shows prison can be place for rehabilitation as well
The Salem News
He has a master’s degree in social work from Boston College and started his career by running the first of the Downey Side Homes, back then a group residence for eight homeless teens. He and his wife became their permanent parents, and it was there that he first field-tested and honed some of his progressive approaches to the circumstances and ingredients that contribute to dysfunctional human behaviors, values and motivations.

An update on two vets struggling to put the war behind them
Los Angeles Times
And Zenner was such a rookie social worker that Valentini began calling him Green. Even today, they see the drinking incident differently. “Tell him why,” Valentini pleaded, explaining that the beers were to celebrate President Obama declaring the end of the combat mission in Iraq.

At Camp No Worries, cancer patients are just kids again
Philadelphia Inquirer
Programs such as Camp No Worries give cancer patients a much-needed respite from medical routines and put them back on equal terms with their siblings, said Susan Stephens, a pediatric social worker with the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Experts say Mass. tornadoes scars could linger
Boston Globe
Those who lived through the devastation of their homes and neighborhoods may just now be dealing with the accumulated stresses of their tornado-related experiences, says Dorothy A. Brier, a licensed clinical social worker who has been volunteering her services here in Western Massachusetts since June 11.

Danieal Kelly murder trial opens | Philadelphia Daily News | 2011-07-02
Philadelphia Daily News
“These three defendants failed to act,” Selber said, referring also to former city social worker Dana Poindexter and Mickal Kamuvaka, the former head of a social-service agency hired by the city to help Danieal.

A special journey with a message
Marshall Independent
The irony was, I had a Masters in social work, but didn’t work with depression.” After Mark got out of the hospital he focused his efforts from a social work perspective. Now he teaches on mood disorders at the University of Minnesota graduate school of social work and has a consulting practice focusing on depression.

A Mixed Message about Stigma in Military Mental Health Care
The military keeps talking about eliminating stigma related to seeking mental health treatment. Then why don’t they change the policies that promote it?

For Seemayer, Gambling Addiction Could Have Gotten Worse
A compulsive gambling habit can lead an addict to follow through with even more destructive decisions, says Terri Rodriguez Ohlms, a licensed, clinical social worker who practices in the St. Louis area. “He (Seemayer) is fortunate he was caught before he got deeper into the hole of despair,” Ohlms said.

Charlie Sheen’s New TV Show — ‘Anger Management’
The plan as of now — Charlie’s character will be an ex-jock who got his master’s degree in social work during the offseason. He becomes a counselor to defendants in the criminal justice system with anger management problems.

Richmonder Recognized By National Association of Social Workers
Dr. Jonathan Lebolt was recognized by the National Association of Social Workers during the month of June for his work with the LGBT community.

Thought Leader in Health Care Lorissa MacAllister: Designing for change
Michigan Business Review –
By Business Review West Michigan Education: BS in social work, University of Vermont; MS in architecture, University of Michigan; Ph.D. candidate from the School of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology. Properly designed health care spaces can improve operational efficiency and the quality of care provided within those spaces. 

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