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News Items – July 29, 2020

news items logo one[Video] Denton PD to Create Mental Health Division
Later this year, when 911 gets a call about someone in crisis in Denton, an officer partnered with a social worker will be the first responders asked to take the call. This week, Denton Police Chief Frank Dixon told the city council he is fast-tracking the creation of the Mental Health Division of the police department by reallocating current open and frozen positions to hire licensed clinical social workers. The department plans to hire five social workers. Four of them will partner with officers and one will oversee the unit.

How Can America Get Native Health Right?
Berkley Public Health
The lack of opportunities for Native people was contributing to their health conditions. Working for the Indian Health Service increased my awareness of some of the strengths and weaknesses of a bureaucratic system that was never adequately resourced, didn’t provide enough support and leadership, and was not engaging tribal communities in a respectful, collaborative manner.

Jana Svoboda is a member:
[Video] Local Experts Address COVID Forecasts & Staying Mentally Healthy
The Corvallis Advocate
For its most recent rendition of CitySpeak, The Advocate assembled local health officials to discuss impacts of the coronavirus pandemic – including mental health ramifications. The forum’s panel featured Benton County Health Department Co-Directors Charlie Fautin and Danielle Brown as well as Clinical Social Worker Jana Svoboda, bringing 35 years of experience.

Amy Fisher is a member:
Social Work Students Engage Communities with Voter Empowerment Project
The Local Voice
“We wanted to increase social work students’ knowledge of the impact of local and state voting policies on marginalized communities,” said Amy Fisher, associate professor of social work. “We also wanted to teach social work students community outreach and advocacy skills that could help increase voter registration and turnout, enabling students to see advocacy in action by using those skills in their local communities. We hoped to instill professional confidence and efficacy in students through direct, face-to-face exposure to local residents, policymakers and policy advocates.”

Devyn Beswick is a member:
How I’m Prioritizing Black Joy in Our Fight for Justice
Bon Appetite
After weeks of grieving the lives of Ahmaud ArberyBreonna TaylorTony McDade, and George Floyd, and taking to the streets to protest amidst COVID-19, I was losing momentum. As a writer, a social worker, and a Black woman, I have been given countless gifts to contribute to this world and yet, I felt stuck.

Talor Hawkins is a member:
Our Time To Rise as Advocates: Social Workers Seeking Justice
The Chronicle of Social Change
Social workers cannot be silent in this tremendous moment in American history. We are not just child welfare workers. We are therapists and we are advocates. The National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics focuses on service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. Similarly, the Black Lives Matter statement is centered on both social justice and the dignity and worth of a person.

Sam Hickman is executive director of NASW-WV:
West Virginians wait on word on whether additional pandemic unemployment will continue
Metro News
On Thursday, those with West Virginia Citizen Action, West Virginians for Affordable Health Care and the West Virginia Association of Social Workers detailed their stimulus priorities on a conference call prior to the U.S. Senate draft release. On their list, along with the extension of the additional unemployment payments, were measures to increase access to Medicaid, help state and local governments and protect workers, both physically and economically. “I think we need to treat this like the first round of support we’re giving to families. It has to be robust and huge for families, communities and states,” said Sam Hickman, CEO of the National Association of Social Workers West Virginia.

Remony Henry is a member:
Health care district lays out next steps for provider search
Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber
Remony Henry, an islander and licensed independent clinical social worker employed at the island clinic, said the impression she and staff were given is that Neighborcare is open to the possibilities. “It may be that Neighborcare is saying something behind the scenes that they’re not saying to the employees,” she said. “I think they would need to be subsidized [to continue operating the Vashon clinic], but if we don’t have another provider, it seems preferable to have Neighborcare stay on rather than have no clinic at all for a time,” she said.

Sarah Gugluizza is a member:
COVID-19 pandemic leaves pregnant women feeling isolated, ‘invisible’
Moorman’s sentiments echo those of many pregnant women she has worked with during the pandemic, said Sarah Gugluizza, a licensed clinical social worker who has both a private practice and provides mental health support to women and families through virtual clinic Maven. “There is a real sense of isolation, loneliness, and grieving around the whole process,” Gugluizza told TODAY Parents.

Catherine McCallum is a member:
After Covid-19: A Health Care Forecast For Older Americans
Florida Blue, like other health insurers, envisions even greater use of technology and virtual visits in the future to monitor patients with chronic conditions and as a post-surgical tool, to reduce the risk of infection. That prediction was echoed by Catherine McCallum, a clinical social worker and aging care management consultant who runs Coral Life Strategies in Bethesda, Md. McCallum also likes telehealth patients’ ability to schedule appointments quickly, rather than having to wait too long for an appointment. “But,” she adds, “not all medical practices set up their own secure line; some rely on Zoom or another platform, which has shown to be less secure.”

Wendy Behary is a member:
How Female Narcissists Differ From Male Narcissists + 4 Signs To Spot One
Mind Body Green
The female narcissist can typically be seen as the martyr or the virtuous victim. “Their pain is greater than anyone’s pain, their efforts are bigger than anyone’s efforts, their suffering is more extraordinary than anyone else’s suffering,” therapist Wendy Behary, LCSW, tells mbg. This is often referred to as covert or vulnerable narcissism, where the person may not be as outwardly boastful but still possesses narcissistic traits.


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