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News Items – January 30, 2012

York Revolution give pitcher Shaun Garceau a second chance
York Daily Record
He changed his life. He met with a licensed clinical social worker every day for about a month, agreeing to random drug tests. “He’s a very lucky man to beat it, there’s no doubt about it,” said Larry Mabry, a licensed clinical social worker in Palm Beach County who helped Garceau overcome his addiction.

City Opens First Senior Center Geared To Help People With Vision Loss
“Our hope is 25 years from now, we will have this center, but blind seniors will be able to go to all the centers in the city because those centers will be universally accessible, regardless of what the disability is,” said VISIONS Executive Director and CEO Nancy Miller.

Talk therapy: 7 ways to help your partner help you
Bipolar disorder is such a tricky illness: a person can be so well, and then suddenly so “not well.” As a therapist, I assist people with bipolar in making a plan of action—and enlisting a spouse, trusted friend, or relative in co-creating such a plan—for managing things when the going gets tough.

A Young Refugee Searches for a Place in Idaho’s Reshaped Economy
StateImpact Idaho
By Molly Messick Nowela Virginie and her daughters often visit social worker Marcia Munden at Catholic Charities of Idaho. In the last few years, more than four thousand refugees have found their way to Idaho. They’ve come from Africa, and from East and South Asia.  Most came to Boise.

Mesmerized by Metrics: Is Philanthropy Engaging in Magical Thinking?
The Nonprofit Quarterly (blog)
It focused on building up the modern research university, with its emphasis on the physical and social sciences; on the modernization of professions like medicine, public heath, and social work, through the introduction of science into their work and building codes of professional conduct based on it; and on constructing new institutions like think tanks and civic research bureaus, to begin to reshape public policy on the basis of science.

It’s human nature to want a second chance
“I think everybody would love to think they could have a do-over of some part of their life where they’ve made choices that didn’t turn out so well,” says Steve Watson, a licensed clinical social worker in Ogden. But as good as that sounds, Watson says, we also have to remember, “You are who you are largely because of the experiences you’ve gone through” — both good and bad.

When social work is a felony
New York Daily News
Namely, she was thinking of hiring a licensed social worker to work with at-risk youth. Apparently she was not aware that, unless she applied for a waiver to do so, New York State would treat that hiring as a felony. You read that right: In our state, social service organizations are not allowed to hire licensed social workers.

Ex-prostitute makes a difference for women on Asheville streets
Asheville Citizen-Times
Robinson is a former sex worker who is now working toward a degree in social work at AB Tech. She is also an active advocate for Our Voice and works in local prisons to help sex workers and addicts get into recovery.

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