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News Items – February 5, 2020

news items logo oneTamara Savage is a member:
Model program at UNCP helps college students struggling with homelessness
“We refer to them as the invisible population because not very much research has been done,” said Tamara Savage, assistant professor of social work at UNCP. The University of Wisconsin’s Hope Lab did the most complete research on this subject a few years ago. The survey showed 10-15% of students on college campuses experience some levels of homelessness. But the students can go unnoticed because they often don’t want anyone to know. “They are the most vulnerable of our students,” Savage said.

How Library Social Workers Provide Community Support
Book Riot
Currently, library social workers have been working with the National Association of Social Workers and the Public Library Association to have library social work recognized as a specialty.  As the field grows, more communities will continue to see the benefits. If you are currently a social work student, talk to your peers and professors about how you can get involved.

Rebecca Lester is a member:
Doctors Are Failing Women With Eating Disorders
Rebecca Lester’s book “Famished: Eating Disorders and Failed Care in America,” attempts to cover the medical communities’ Herculean efforts to cure a wide range of eating disorders. The book focuses on the complicated relationship between the attempts to treat those who suffer from eating disorders and the apparent failure of the system to heal them. And at its heart, Lester writes, “It is critical to understand that eating disorders are not about food—not really. They are about a deep, abiding, toxic shame and self-negation that is so embedded that it may never fully be eradicated.”

Ashley Borgatta is a member:
Ashley Borgatta: Cardiologists need to help patients improve quality of life, not just heart function
The Times Herald
Most individuals would not relate their cardiac health with their mental health; however, this could lead to significant physical and mental health problems. The field of cardiac psychology specializes in the prevention of heart disease by incorporating strategies that address the emotional and behavioral barriers to lifestyle changes associated with heart disease. The field aims to enhance the recovery process by providing healthy coping skills to manage these changes. Addressing these changes is beneficial throughout the cardiac patient’s lifespan, through prevention, pre-surgery, post-surgery and rehabilitation with emphasis on quality-of-life outcomes.

Doreen Rue is a member:
Denton nonprofit center supports locals with a variety of needs
North Texas Daily
“The Serve Denton Center strategically places [Health Services of North Texas] in the heart of the Denton community, in an easily accessible location for Denton residents and surrounding communities such as Aubrey and Cross Roads,” said Doreen Rue, chief executive officer of Health Services of North Texas and licensed clinical social worker. Due to its central location, Health Services of North Texas has been able to make a greater impact on the community than they were prior.

Brian Peck is a member:
Giving victims of religious trauma a voice
Religion News Service
Parents need to know there is another way. As Laura Anderson, a family therapist who co-founded the Religious Trauma Institute with licensed clinical social worker Brian Peck, said about the Twitter thread, “Brandt’s original tweet is not suggesting parents cannot share their preferences and beliefs with their children, (but) rather that parents need to be intentional in helping their child develop autonomy.”

Linda Topinka is a member:
Social worker: Solution to youth violence starts with addressing ‘generational trauma,’ racism
The Gazette
Last Sunday morning, at Gospel Tabernacle Church, Linda Topinka and a few dozen others sat in red pews and listened to young Cedar Rapidians talk about their experiences with gun violence. Topinka, 71, believes city leaders need to listen more to residents who are directly affected by violence in Cedar Rapids — where two young men, 18 and 22, were shot and killed in January. “We need people from the community to be a part of this,” said Topinka, a clinical social worker who focuses on black families at her clinic, New Beginnings. “They need to hear from people who are living this stuff every day.”

Katie Hurley is a member:
Meaningful Manners: Teaching Kids Gratitude And Kindness
Children today face lots of pressure to achieve. But kids benefit from learning to aim high in how they treat others, as well. “Research shows that soft skills, including empathy, compassion, problem solving skills and the ability to work with others, to name a few, are connected to both success and overall happiness,” notes Katie Hurley, a licensed clinical social worker. You can tweak your family culture to put kindness on the front burner.

Carla Naumburg is a member:
How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids, And What To Do Instead
Carla Naumburg, a clinical social worker and author of “How To Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids,” likes this alternative to yelling: pause and do literally anything else. Take a breath, stay silent, hop up and down, put your hands flat on a counter to try and feel grounded. Or get silly instead. “I have clucked like a chicken,” Naumburg told HuffPost, “because it helps get the energy out and because it’s so ridiculous it kind of snaps us all out of it.”

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