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News Items – December 11, 2012

5 questions with social worker Rosemary Nielsen on the homeless
While some people refuse to be helped, social worker Rosemary Nielsen does everything she can to satisfy needs of people living on the street. Since the city hired her in September, Nielsen has played a key role in the city’s plan to end homelessness here.

Holidays a busy time for social workers
Nashua Telegraph
As a social worker in training, I have witnessed how frequently the needs of others go before themselves; this is a selfless act. As a college undergraduate student, I am able to see firsthand how a simple food basket can go a long way to help out a struggling family.

What is wrong with people? Grotesque crimes raise fundamental questions
Pocono Record
“When most people look at this, they are shocked because the general perception is that we are saturated with heinous crime,” said Frederic Reamer, a member of the National Association of Social Workers, professor at the Rhode Island College of Social Workers and a member of the Rhode Island Parole Board for 20 years.

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