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News Items – August 19, 2021

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Jan Finch is a member:
We need to connect with others
Hood County News
There are many things I have learned in my four years in Granbury.  The most important is what follows. Sometimes we get so busy we forget to connect with those around us.  We sometimes lose that special connection with our loved ones.  How do we keep this from happening? Here are ways to keep that connection alive: Truly listen to what that person is saying whether it is a big thing or a little thing. Be respectful of other’s feelings. …that disappointment when their team loses is real.

Alexis Skelley is a member:
Convey mindfulness, realistic expectations for ‘diabetes perfectionists’
Diabetes care and education specialists should consider perfectionism when a person has an “over” mindset — over-researching, over-analyzing, over-working, over-stressing —Alexis Skelley, LISW-CP, LCSW, CDCES, owner and mental health therapist at Diabetes and Obesity Treatment Strategies in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, said during the presentation. “Diabetes itself sets the stage for perfectionism,” Skelley told Healio. “The framework for high or unrealistic expectations, feeling judged or shameful, these are built into the mechanisms by which we measure how well diabetes is controlled, such as blood glucose and HbA1c outcomes.”

Jonah Green is a member:
Back to the nest
Bethesda Magazine
“When the teens are gone…there’s better sleep, there’s more time with each other, there’s more opportunities for sex, there’s more opportunities for intimacy,” says Jonah Green, a licensed clinical social worker in Kensington. With the return of their grown children, he says, many clients in their 50s and 60s are finding the relationship with their partner is even more strained than when their kids were in high school. Concerns over exposure to the virus, the kids’ unhappiness at home, and increased financial pressures have made it harder for some couples to function as a unit.

Lauren Zingraff is a member:
[Video] With COVID-19 surging in NC, some say long-term care facility workers should be mandated to get vaccine
One local advocacy group told CBS 17 that now is the time that legislators and health leaders need to step in and mandate vaccinations for employees. “Upwards of 84 percent of everyone [in North Carolina] aged 65 and up is fully vaccinated… that includes our long-term care residents,” said Lauren Zingraff, the executive director of Friends of Residents in Long Term Care, an advocacy group for residents in such facilities.

Without full reimbursements, advocates warn future of telehealth in Maine at risk
Maine Beacon
Lynn Stanley, executive director of the Maine chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, said the smaller reimbursements could limit providers from offering telehealth — even though it’s become critical for many people facing a lack of childcare, transportation or other limiting factors. “We’re concerned mental-health providers will not be able to afford to provide telehealth services to their clients,” said Stanley. “If insurance companies lower the reimbursement rate when a service is provided by a telehealth, it becomes financially unsustainable for the therapist or the agency.”

Abby Barrett is a member:
Remembrance Event Planned September 26 in Paris, Tribute to Honor Lives Lost During the Pandemic
“COVID prevented many people from visiting or even saying goodbye to their loved ones,” said Abby Barrett, licensed clinical social worker. “This event allows community members to gather and grieve together as we remember those who were so important to us.” In her role as a social worker at Horizon Health, Barrett recently helped facilitate a COVID grief group.

Mallory Visser is a member:
Social worker to assist Little Rock police, provide mental health resources for community
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Little Rock Police has begun using a social worker to provide a resource to people who officers encounter in the course of the duties but need help beyond what a typical officer can provide. Mallory Visser, who worked in the department’s victim services department since 2019, said she is excited to be able to help people in her new role. “It’s exciting,” Visser said. “There’s something new every day, and I like helping people.”

Jeannine Guarino and Briana Fair are members:
Social Work Professor Does Part to Tackle Homelessness Crisis
[Blake] Beecher undertook the study early in 2020 with a research team that included Department of Social Work colleagues Jimmy Young and Jeannine Guarino, as well as Master of Social Work student assistants Britney Carbajal and Briana Fair. In partnership with local agencies Interfaith Community Services and Mental Health Systems, the CSUSM research team interviewed 25 homeless individuals in North County. The subjects ran the gamut, with more than half having some college education, the ages ranging from people in their 20s to a man in his 80s, and some living outdoors while others were in a shelter, a hotel or even their vehicle.

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