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News Items – April 8, 2021

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Lori Houston is a member:
[Audio] COVID-19’s impact on kids’ mental health
Alaska Public Radio
Remote learning, the loss of sports and activities and social isolation have caused an increase in anxiety and depression for children of all ages over the past year. With many kids heading back to classrooms and more vaccine availability, it almost feels like we are seeing the first glimpses of a return to normalcy. But the pandemic will likely have lasting effects on kids. Guest Lori Houston, LCSW, RPT-S, Clinical Director, Clinician & Co-Owner, Playful Journeys Counseling Center, discusses this issue.

Shara Kasznovitz is a member:
Sexual assault reporting examined in Montgomery County amid coronavirus pandemic
The Reporter
Shara Kaszovitz, a licensed clinical social worker at the Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center in Miami, cited statistics from the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network that “33 percent of sexual assaults are perpetrated by a current or former intimate partner,” and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that “34 perfect of child sexual abuse cases reported to police are perpetrated by a family member.” “However, due to under reporting, the actual incidents of sexual assault by someone in the home is thought to be higher,” Kaszovitz writes in a Jackson Health System blog post.

Report: To Boost Access to Mental and Behavioral Health, Integrate Primary Care
MedPage Today
She stopped seeing her primary care doctor, stopped taking her medications, and ended up hospitalized for 2 weeks. But there was a silver lining: After she was discharged, Burgos’ mother was linked to a nurse practitioner, a licensed clinical social worker, a care coordinator, and a psychiatrist, all of whom speak Spanish, and all of whom can share information about her care through the same electronic health record. Now her mother is more engaged in her care, and her providers are finally “on the same page,” Burgos said. Her only regret, she added, is that her mother didn’t get this kind of care sooner.

Danielle Blyden is a member:
FSA testing has some kids, parents feeling anxious
We spoke with Danielle Blyden, a licensed clinical social worker. It’s just as stressful on the parents as it is on the students. “Absolutely, so you’re watching your child get anxiety so you’re getting anxiety… so one of the things i tell parents is to communicate with the teachers, that helps you get an idea of what they may be excelling at or what they may be struggling with so that you can help support them as they prepare and as they study,” she said.

Kristel Avilus is a member:
25 Women: Kristel Avilus models resilience, promotes possibilities at Pace
Tallahassee Democrat
“I want them to know that nothing can break you. You just have to keep getting up.” Kristel Avilus’ words to the students at Pace Center for Girls come from a lifetime of getting up, stronger each time, and refusing to break. Her strength, vitality, creativity, and joyful spirit are just a few of the reasons Avilus is one of Tallahassee’s 25 Women You Need to Know.

Christine Norton is a member:
Take Your Daily Walk to the Next Level by Trying an ‘Awe Walk’
NBC Philadelphia
And using awe walks in nature can combine the benefits of awe with the healing aspects of time in nature. Christine Norton, a professor at Texas State University and licensed clinical social worker says this combination can be powerful. “There’s a lot of research showing that leisure time outdoors is really beneficial, but then there’s that more targeted or intentional approach to spending time in nature where you’re actually cultivating a sense of mindfulness,” Norton said.

Interested In Social Work? Everything You Need To Get Started
Inscribe Magazine
Social workers help people solve their problems and even cope with their problems. What you, specifically, will be doing as a social worker depends entirely on the field within the job that you are interested in. Some social workers have clinical experience and can help diagnose and even treat various mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. All social workers have either achieved their BSW, or better yet, have achieved a BSW to MSW online to fully qualify them in social and clinical settings.



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