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News Items – April 7, 2011

National Gallery visitor attacks Gauguin painting, officials say
The Washington Post
The painting’s alleged attacker was “tackled by a guy who was visiting the gallery,” Degotardi said. She described him as a social worker from the Bronx.

Social Workers’ Rally Supports Dayton’s Wealthy Tax
ST. PAUL, Minn. – Social workers gathered in the Capitol rotunda on Monday to show support for Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal to raise taxes on wealthy Minnesotans.

MICHELE’S ADVICE: Lesbians! Don’t Move So Fast!
10 Thousand Couples
By Michele O’Mara, LCSW Fri, Apr 01, 2011 What is it that you will have when you live with her that you don’t have now? I am 46 years old and have been with women for most of my adult life, with many failed relationships under my belt. I’ve lived with four other partners, and I’ve been seeing a woman for just four months now.

Teen Scene
Cedar Valley Daily Times
A nurse, a physician, a home health aide, a social worker, a chaplain and a volunteer. These are the people involved in Hospice care. It is primarily run with the help of volunteers and donations. The word Hospice descended from the Latin word hospes meaning serving double-duty or guest and host.

Charges: Roseville man whips his kids with belt for changing TV channel
Minneapolis Star Tribune
On Dec. 13, a social worker for Central Park Elementary School in Roseville told police about marks discovered on a female student’s arm. The complaint listed “large welts on her right forearm, as well as bruises and marks on her left arm, right shoulder and behind her ear.”

Inside Washtenaw County Public Health: Domestic Violence
My name is Martha and I am a social worker with Washtenaw County’s Public Health department’s Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP). Most of the work in the MIHP is with families that have the ongoing stresses of tight finances, serious illness, (both physical and mental), unemployment and homelessness. It’s a challenging job, but it has its rewards.

Head Start-Fraser partnership bids to help kids
Coon Rapids Herald
Jen Sommer, a clinical social worker for Fraser who has led the training, said her hope is that if a young child gets the treatment he or she needs at an early age then perhaps they will not need to enter into any special education program once their parents enroll them in a public school.

Connected social workers: technology brings professionals and users together
The Guardian
Likewise, by writing about social work and social care online, I hope I have been able to present some of the attitudes and feelings at the front line rather than those who usually are asked for opinions — the consultants, managers and academics who look at how things may have been when they were last in practice.

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