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News Items – April 11, 2011

More Abuse Allegations Made In Camp Good News Case
Licensed independent clinical social worker Tamara F. Hillard with Children’s Cove in Yarmouth, a child advocacy center aimed at assisting children who are the victims of sexual assault, said this momentum is a necessary component for ending the cycle of sexual abuse.

Myths about the homeless, Part Two
Bangor Daily News
By Meridith Bolster, LCSW, Penobscot Community Health Care AP photo There are many myths and stereotypes about the homeless. Myths and stereotypes come about due to misconceptions born of ignorance, overgeneralizations from a single experience, and poor access to the real facts.

See something? Say something!
Valencia County News Bulletin
Once a case is referred to CYFD — and Valencia County had almost 800 such cases in 2010 — an investigative social worker teams up with the assigned law enforcement officer and district attorney to conduct a forensic interview, Martinez said.

In Helping Others, Finding What Was Never Truly Lost
New York Times
She turned to John Sullivan, the tall, smiling social worker who had discovered her on a bench in the Broadway median. The woman was a nurse who had lost her grip and had been living in a tent on the Upper West Side, until Mr. Sullivan coaxed her off the street.

Real money, real world
Wapakoneta Daily News
Kylee Sommers, who grew up in the foster care system and feels strongly about the difference she wants to make as a social worker, felt first-hand the impact it could have on her own family if that is the route she continues to pursue.

Taking up for children
Laurel Leader Call
Rosie Donaldson, area social worker supervisor for the local Department of Human Services, said it’s important to spread awareness about the issue of child abuse. “Parents cannot treat their children as personal property as they did in the ’70s,” she said. “We now have laws that protect children against abuse.”

Surge of seniors to lessen tax intake
News & Observer
Lisa Gwyther, a clinical social worker and senior fellow at Duke’s Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development, said many boomers hitting retirement age are stuck in homes they can no longer afford. In today’s market, they risk selling it for far less than it is worth or less than they owe.

Expert Advice for WV Parents This Week
Public News Service
CHARLESTON, W.Va. – One big topic this week at the annual conference of the National Association of Social Workers West Virginia Chapter in Charleston is a discussion of ideas that could help both social work professionals and parents in dealing with children.

Social Workers lobby for title protection
Daily 49er
On April 11, county social work supervisors lobbied in Sacramento to push for AB 671. Many people often wonder what title protection is and why is it a big deal. Title protection requires precise positions to require specific academic degrees.

On the record with … Nancy Hiatt
Northwest Herald
Hiatt earned a degree in psychology from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., before heading west to Arizona State University in the mid-1990s to graduate with a master’s degree in social work. After graduation, Hiatt worked in social service in Flagstaff, Ariz.

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