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How to Take Care of Yourself When Providing Alzheimer’s Support
Tending to someone who requires constant supervision can cause physical and mental fatigue, adds Pamela Braun, a licensed clinical social worker at Geriatric Assessment, Management & Solutions in Sun City, Ariz., who specializes in families with Alzheimer’s disease.

Making Sure Children in Military Families Are Not Left Behind
The Huffington Post
The men and women of our armed services deserve all the support they need to do their jobs. Making it easier for their children to navigate and achieve in public schools should be part of that support.

Students advocate for sex education in schools
The State Press
Five social work graduate students started an intervention as part of a class to help lower the rate of teen pregnancies in Arizona. They are working to educate ASU students about sex education facts and statistics.

Man from SLC’s west side a top 10 “energizer”
Salt Lake Tribune
In addition to recently earning his master’s degree in social work, and beginning a job as the new Program Manager for Cancer Wellness House, Uckerman’s attitude carries over in his bold smile and lyrical laugh.

Got Oncology Social Work?
Oncology Social Work is shrouded in mystery in many cancer treatment centers. I could have neon posters, flyers and brochures promoting Oncology Social Work (OSW) services and they were too easily passed over for the medical information available in a resource room.

Allergies at school; handling teens
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Sadly, her embarrassment might be stemming from her treatment at school, says elementary school social worker Judy Freedman, author of “Easing the Teasing.” “There is a disturbing trend that many children who cannot eat certain foods are teased,” she says.

Battered women’s greatest advocate to retire after 33 years
Brainerd Daily Dispatch
By JODIE TWEED Louise Seliski grew up in poverty in Minneapolis and knew, even while in seventh grade, that she wanted to become a social worker. She had a passion for helping others.

Mother accused of punching caseworker found
Caneema Atkins, mother of five, is accused of punching a social worker in the face when she arrived to take her children. (Source: WSCN/CNN) MIAMI (WSCN/CNN) – A mother accused of attacking a Florida caseworker and taking off with her kids earlier this

Punishing Social Workers
Governing Magazine
When a child is hurt, punishment seems to be the go-to response. But pursuing that direction has serious consequences.

Grieving pet owners get needed support through social worker’s partnership
Colleen O’Brien, a state-licensed master social worker, says no, it’s really not, and for many reasons. “When you love another living being, you love them,” she says. For many people in our culture, O’Brien explains, the relationship with pets is the most solid, enduring connection that they have.

New website advises about DADT repeal
Daily Trojan Online
By lauren march · Daily Trojan Members of the Military Acceptance Project, an organization started by graduate students from the USC School of Social Work, launched a website earlier this month to educate service members about the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

New Alzheimer’s guidelines target early stages

CHICAGO â€” The first new U.S. diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease released in 27 years paint the disorder as a disease that occurs gradually over many years, starting with changes in the brain, then mild memory problems and finally progressing to full-blown dementia.

Foster Care’s Web Of Policies, Problems And Promise Keeps Kids In Waiting
Huffington Post
As a foster care alumnus, he now works as a social worker within the system that took him, and his five siblings, from his parents when he was only 9. Montiel advocates for teens who share the experiences he endured and the problems that persist in America’s foster homes.

Marathon County Agencies Support Child Abuse Prevention Month
“This is something that Social Services has done just to support Child Abuse Prevention for the month of April and I think this is also just a good way to get county employees just to work together to support our community,” says Marathon County social worker Sara Klebenow.

Tim Roth Thinks Sam Rockwell Should Do Some Social Work
Screen Junkies
Actor Tim Roth has done a lot of acting in his life, and now he wants to do something else: Curing cancer. Just kidding, he’s directing a movie (his second after The War Zone). It’s called Turning Stones, based on the memoir by Mark Parent.

The Visiting Angel, By Paul Wilson
The Independent
As does Paul Wilson in his gruelling novel set in the world of social work. If he sometimes wears his heart on his sleeve in a way that would have brought out the acidic critic in Nabokov, he knows how to display it in a complex and exciting work of ficton.

Social workers form a safety net
Newton Kansan
By Vincent Tafolla, Newton Professional social workers form society’s social safety net. More than 640000 social workers across the country provide critical resources and services to help individuals, families, and communities in need.

Texas dad charged after son found dead in box
The Associated Press
HOUSTON (AP) — The family of a 10-year-old disabled boy whose decomposing body was found in a cardboard box had twice been investigated by Texas social workers, though no abuse was found in the first case and the second claim couldn’t be fully investigated, officials said Monday.

Government should value social workers
China Post
The word disaster is usually visually linked to images of dramatic destruction such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions and nuclear explosions. But the fact is disaster happens all the time and often in fashions much less attention-gripping.

California Focus: No Wisconsin here, but unions taking cuts aplenty
Hanford Sentinel
When public employees from police and schoolteachers to park rangers and social workers lose their jobs over fiscal issues, it’s hard to continue claiming union-backed candidates will never face up to financial realities.

Unfriended: Cyberbullying in Minnesota
Photo by Robb Long – David Winkler-Morey, a social worker at Anthony Middle School. When students at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School received laptops at the start of the 2010-11 school year, the idea was “to prepare students for the dynamic and ever-changing world in which they’ll study, live and work.”

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