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NASW News Hits May 2022

A woman holds a sign at a reproductive rights protest. Getty Images.

A woman holds a sign at a reproductive rights protest. Getty Images.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) reached a potential news audience of more than 860 million people in May, due to extensive coverage of the NASW Ohio Chapter’s successful legal push to get the town of Lebanon to not enforce an abortion ban and a Spanish language article on the states with the highest social work pay.

Here are the Top 10 News items:

  1. Multiple news organizations, including Yahoo News, The Marietta Daily Journal, Dayton Daily News, Cincinnati Enquirer, Rome News-Tribune and others covered the NASW Ohio Chapter filing a lawsuit against Lebanon to stop the town’s abortion ban. Later articles said the town had agreed not to enforce it. The articles combined reached a potential news audience of more than 250 million readers.
  2. MSN posted a Spanish language article that listed states that offered the best social work pay. NASW was mentioned as the top professional association for social workers in the United States. The states that offered the highest pay were Hawaii, Massachusetts, Washington, Nevada, and New Hampshire. The article reached a potential 198 million readers.
  3. Forbes Magazine posted two articles on how to earn a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in social work. NASW was cited as a place where social workers could apply for credentials and certifications. Each article reached a potential audience of 61 million readers.
  4. Jeffrey Feldman, NASW New Jersey Chapter’s director of advocacy and communications, was quoted in a Politico New Jersey Playbook PM item on the state advancing regulations to mandate cultural diversity and implicit bias training to in the police basic training curriculum. Feldman testified that implicit bias is not limited to race. The article reached a potential 17 million readers.
  5. NASW was cited in a Psychology Today article from NASW member Kristin Lee on where people can go to get resources to recover from traumatic events. The article reached a potential 12 million people.
  6. Everyday Health listed NASW’s HelpPro listing as a place to find a therapist. The article reached a potential 11 million people.
  7. NASW New Jersey Chapter Executive Director Jennifer Thompson was quoted in a Salon article on how the far right wing’s misuse of the term pedophile and groomer is making it more difficult for victims of abuse to get justice. “We (social workers) go in to be helpers and we are being villainized now,” Thompson said. The article reached a potential four million people.
  8. NASW’s position against gay conversion therapy was noted in a PennLive Op-Ed urging the state to protect young people from this practice. The item reached a potential three million readers.
  9. The NASW Hawaii Chapter was cited as being part of a coalition urging Gov. David Ige to veto a bill that could restrict telehealth appointments for mental health services. The Star Advertiser article (subscription only) reached a potential million subscribers.
  10. The NASW Code of Ethics were cited in a Des Moines Register article on reports from volunteers that the needs of Afghan refugees were not being met. “Social workers have an ethical duty to ensure refugees receive food, medical attention and housing, as well as have an understanding of the trauma of being uprooted, according to the code of ethics of the National Association of Social Workers,” the article said. The article reached a potential million readers.
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