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NASW Media News Hits – October 2021

NASW staffers at the Women's March in Washington, D.C.

NASW staffers at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) reached a potential news audience of more than 335 million readers in October, thanks to coverage of abortion rights protests in North Carolina and articles in Politico on the association’s position on several political issues.

Here are the highlights:

  • Yahoo Finance ran a press release on the need for more men to embrace getting therapy to address mental health concerns. The release featured Thomas Nolan, LCSW, an NASW member in New Jersey. The article reached an estimated 47 million potential readers.
  • MarketWatch ran a press release on National Case Management Week. The release, which ran in about 27 news outlets and reached a potential audience of 23 million people, mentioned that NASW recognizes the Certified Case Manager credential.
  • More than 50 articles mentioned the NASW North Carolina Chapter took part in protests against restrictive reproductive rights laws and in support of women’s rights. The articles reached a potential of more than 23 million readers (photo right).
  • NASW Director of Public Policy Sarah Butts was quoted in two Politico One addressed NASW support of paid leave to help people address addiction issues. The second mentioned NASW as part of a coalition supporting making the Child Tax Credit permanent. Each article read a potential readership of 17 million people.
  • NASW Deputy Director of Programs Anna Mangum was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article (subscription only) about why so many therapists do not take insurance, why those who do not are often booked up, what people can do about that. The Wall Street Journal has about 3.5 million subscribers.
  • The Houston Chronicle ran a Washington Post article about how a Mississippi rental assistance program actually benefitted lawyers more than the people it was meant to save from eviction. The article quoted NASW Mississippi Chapter Executive Director Gwen Bouie-Haynes, who said the chapter was helping people fill out rental assistance applications. The article had a potential reach of 15 million readers.
  • NASW New York City Chapter Executive Director Dr. Claire Green-Forde, was quoted in an Epoch Times article about the lack of school counselors, despite increased funding. The article reached a potential 10 million readers.
  • NASW Massachusetts Chapter Executive Director Rebekah Gewirtz published a letter in the Boston Globe about how police cannot respond to every emergency situation. Social workers and other mental health professions are better prepared to do so. The letter (subscribers only) had a potential reach of 4 million readers.
  • The NASW Ohio Chapter was one of several groups calling for a change in leadership at Equitas Health after reports of racism by current and former employees, according to a Columbus Dispatch article. The article reached a potential 2 million readers.
  • NASW Director of Public Policy Sarah Butts was interviewed by Fox 26 News in Houston about the need for revamping of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. The article and news spot reached about 1 million potential readers.
  • NASW data on the number of minorities holding social work licensure was cited in a Detroit Metro Times article on victimization of people seeking help at a domestic violence shelter in Washtenaw County. The article reached about 828,000 potential readers.
  • NASW Wisconsin Chapter Executive Director Marc Herstand was quoted in a Badger-Herald article on social workers endorsing two bills to keep weapons out of the hands of people who are suicidal. The article had a potential reach of 141,000 readers.
  • NASW Michigan Chapter Executive Director Duane Breijak was quoted and featured in a Second Wave Michigan article on a child welfare worker shortage in the state. The article had a potential reach of 134,000 subscribers.

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