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Brooklyn social worker victim in Orlando shooting

Enrique Rios. Photo courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.

Enrique Rios. Photo courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.

Enrique Rios, a man identified in news reports as a social worker from Brooklyn, was one of 49 victims in a mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando on Sunday.

Rios, 25, was visiting Orlando to celebrate a friend’s birthday. His mother Gertrude Merced is flying to Orlando to identify his body.

“Everyone is distraught,” Merced told the New York Daily News. “We are a very close family and someone is missing now.”

Besides his mother Rios’ survivors include three brothers, two sisters, a stepfather and uncle.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families, including Enrique’s. My heart breaks as we continue to hear more about the many victims.

  2. So sad to hear about the victims. Prayers are with the family and victims. May they all RIP. May there be more peace and love and less hatred and violence.

  3. Heartfelt gratitude to your family … And all the other victims in this senseless shootings. I hope as Social Workers we can advocate to help all understand how important and valuable every life is … We are all Gods children and I stand up for u and all who were killed and injured … #GodWeNeedYou


  4. Praying for all of the victims and their families and friends. Social Work at its best is about peace and social justice .

  5. Keeping all family members in our prayers

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