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News Items – September 15, 2022

news items logo oneSteve MacHattie is a member:
Suicide Survivor Shares Hope and Support
Rocky Hill Patch
Steve MacHattie, LCSW and Owner of the Charter Oak Family Center in Manchester, has lived experience – he began experiencing suicidal thoughts and survived his first suicide attempt when he was six or seven years old. “I remember being in my bedroom alone. I had a suicide plan that I thought would work and I tried to carry that plan out. After some amount of time, I realized what I was doing wouldn’t work and went downstairs to find my mother. The conversation I had with her, which simply dismissed my experience as a childish incident, was just the beginning of a battle with depression and suicide that would last for decades.”

Holly McFarland is a member:
“It’s destroying me”: Storm after storm, climate change increases strain on Texans’ mental health
Houston Public Media
Holly McFarland, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker in Fort Worth, said she first realized about four years ago that some of her clients’ mental health conditions were aggravated by climate change. “It’s only in session two or three that it comes out that climate is kind of underlying,” she said. “It’s this thing in the background [of other problems].” As a result, she joined a group of psychiatrists who were having similar conversations about the intersection of climate change and mental health.

Rebecca Bonanno is a member:
The U.S. Must Invest in the People Who Care for Children’s Mental Health
The New York Times
My stomach lurched when I answered the phone at my therapy practice. On the line was the latest worried and exasperated parent hoping to schedule a psychotherapy appointment with me for a child or teenager. I’m one of the few child and adolescent therapists in my area, and I dreaded telling this mother that my schedule is full. I listened to her, provided a couple of referrals and suggested some self-help or online resources the family can use while they wait for a therapy opening with someone else.

James Rodriguez is a member:
6 Ways Serena Williams Has Been a Mental Toughness Icon (on and off the Court)
Everyday Health
Rather than cower in the face of competition or opposition, Williams just keeps showing up with power, strength, and skill, adds James Rodriguez, PhD, LCSW, a clinical social worker and the director of trauma-informed services at the NYU McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research in New York City. She continues to send the message: “Despite your best attempts, you will not defeat me,” he says.

Social Work faculty member elected to national board
University of Hawai’I News
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa faculty member Robin Arndt has been elected to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) board of directors. Arndt joined the Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health in 2013, and is the school’s coordinator of field and continuing education. In his position, he connects students with community organizations to fulfill their practicum requirement, as well as designs and implements continuing education opportunities for practicing social workers.

Kristen Lee is a member:
How to Read More Even When You’re Wildly Busy
Psychology Today
The pile and lists of books you want to spend time with have grown exponentially, and the irony is not lost on you that if you could just stop watching BookTok it might lead to actual reading. It’s one thing to love to read; another to do so. Like many things we enjoy and are good for us, life can sabotage even the best of intentions. Distractions, deadlines, and competing priorities get in the way.

Views differ on police department social worker
Traverse City Record-Eagle
But the intersection of police work and social work is nothing new, said one expert. “Social workers historically have been doing this work for decades, and going into homes and going into communities, often with a pen and paper, as opposed to, you know, going in with tear gas,” said Duane Breijak, president of the Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

Why It’s Time to Integrate Behavioral and Physical Health
Health Leaders
One primary care integration model uses a behavioral health consultant—whether a psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, or other behavioral health professional—as a member of the healthcare team. In such models, behavioral or mental healthcare is not referred outside the practice. Rather, the patient is guided to a behavioral health professional “co-located” at the practice, who then works directly with the primary care physician in support of the patient’s broader health goals.

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