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News Items – May 5, 2022

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Kristen Lee is a member:
Therapy Isn’t Grubhub
Psychology Today
Finding a therapist takes savvy. You press on, taking on the persona of Nancy Drew: solving the mystery of how to get an appointment with an actual.decent.therapist. in the middle of a global mental health crisis that accepts your insurance, has a verifiable license, and knows something more than the 32 podcasts you’ve binged and all those Google searches on “what to do when I’m having an existential crisis” and “how do I know if I’m having a panic attack?”.

Rena Gower is a member:
If Infertility Is Putting a Strain on Your Relationship, You’re Not Alone—Here’s How To Deal
Well + Good
If you’re navigating infertility within the scope of a partnered relationship, it’s unlikely that you and your partner will share precisely the same psychological experience of it. For starters, one person may be logistically going through it differently than the other. “In the case of a heterosexual relationship, one person is using their body and experiencing the physical stress that comes with infertility and infertility treatments, while the other person may be watching their partner suffer or feeling helpless as to how to make things better,” says infertility counselor Rena Gower, LCSW.

Elliott Buelter is a member:
[Audio] Trans Vermonters reflect on recent anti-trans laws, rhetoric and violence
Vermont Public Radio
New laws, rhetoric and violence targeting transgender people have been making headlines across the country. In recent weeks, Vermonters have witnessed the killing of a trans womanvandalism at a leading LGBTQ organization, and Vermont politicians making anti-trans statements. This hour, we’re speaking with members of Vermont’s trans community about their experiences and reactions to the news.

Claudia Rodriguez Kypuros is a member:
How to manage stress during finals season
Finals season is one of the most daunting aspects of being a college student. Between the late-night study sessions and the early morning cramming, finals can take a toll on the health and well-being of students. The Trinitonian did a Sidewalk Symposium in the Coates Student Center to get tips from students on how they deal with the stress of finals. The Trinitonian also sat down with Claudia Rodriguez Kypuros, a clinical social worker at Trinity Counseling Services, to gain insight on managing finals season.

Donna Boswell is a member:
[Video] Child Abuse Prevention: In Conversation with Donna Boswell, LCSW
TulsaKids editor Betty Casey is joined by Donna Boswell, LCSW and founder of Child Impact Projects. They discuss how parents can help protect children from abuse, the role technology plays in grooming, and more. Read our 2021 interview with Donna Boswell to learn more about Munchausen by Proxy and hope for ending medical child abuse:

Mari Foster is a member:
The focus on abortion doesn’t touch on other challenges for women in Colorado
The Supreme Court can reverse Roe v. Wade but access to abortion in Colorado won’t change due to state law. But while abortion may be one concern for women, the same could be said for child care, paid leave, maternal mortality — and the list goes on. Mari Foster is a licensed clinical social worker trained to look at the big picture. She is hoping to encourage people to look at the complexity of these issues.

Heidi Pritzl is a member:
Teen Depression: More than Just Moodiness
Aspirus Health
“Family history is an important risk factor due to both inherited factors and family environment, having a parent who has had depression increases an adolescent’s risk,” said Heidi Pritzl, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Aspirus Koller Behavioral Health. “Also at elevated risk are teens that have suffered a major injury or have been exposed to traumatic or stressful events such as poverty, physical or sexual abuse or the death of a family member or close friend.”

Greg McGann is a member:
Even when they’re not right, too many people looking for a fight
The Gainesville Sun
Where do these attitudes come from? Why do they seem to be growing? How can they be countered? One common denominator seems to be a deep anxiety about adapting to a changing world, which looks to be increasingly connected and considerably more diverse. DeSantis wants to turn back the clock on equitable standing and treatment of women, people of color and the LBGT community. Carlson seems to believe that women, striving for deserved equality, have made men sissified.

Deborah Fox is a member:
Why Relationships Require Us To Face Discomfort, From A Couples’ Counselor
Mind Body Green
A strong and thriving relationship requires a special brand of courage. You’re likely to think of needing the courage to face adversity together. You’re less likely to think you’ll need courage to stay in love with your partner. When most people imagine the future of their romance, what comes to mind is loyalty, having fun together, facing difficulties together, enjoying sex, and feeling the contentment and safety of each other’s company. What doesn’t usually come to mind is what may be required of you to be able to fulfill your hopes and dreams with your life partner.

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