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News Items – March 30, 2023

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Sandra Butler is a member of NASW-ME; Katherine Marble is an associate member of NASW-ME:
Social workers on front lines ask lawmakers for support, reinforcements
The Portland Press Herald
The social worker shortage is driven by low wages, low MaineCare reimbursement rates and high student loan debt, said Sandy Butler, the director of the University of Maine’s School of Social Work, one of the state’s two social work programs. “Maine can ill afford the loss of these workers,” Butler warned. The salaries that social workers earn make it hard to repay their student loans while supporting their families, Butler said. The average pay for bachelor’s level social workers in Maine is $47,000 a year; those with master’s degrees earn about $13,000 more.

Laura Reagan is a member of NASW-MD:
The sandwich generation is changing. The stress remains.
The Washington Post
Laura Reagan is a 51-year-old licensed clinical social worker from Crownsville, Md., who helps care for a half-dozen elderly family members — two parents, two stepparents and two in-laws — who live in Norfolk. Reagan and her husband travel back and forth frequently, dealing with issues including dementia, cancer, broken bones and the shortage of help.

Samantha Mishne is a member of NASW-OH:
A day in the life of a social worker
Case Western Reserve University
As the clinical director of Bellefaire JCB, a child services agency that provides a variety of behavioral health, substance abuse, education and prevention services, Samantha Mishne is working to increase the organization’s adherence to implementing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), a type of talk therapy for people who experience emotions very intensely. Psychodynamically trained, Mishne has spent the last nine years focusing on the implementation of evidence-based treatments for eating disorders and suicidal/self-harming behavior in order to help increase clients’ ability to get back to living life as quickly as possible. It is her goal to make Bellefaire the first certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapy center in Ohio.

County Behavioral Wellness Social Workers Help People Overcome Hurdles and Thrive
Santa Barbara Independent
Social work began more than a century ago. The profession can trace a large part of its origins to Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Star, who in 1889 opened Hull House in Chicago to provide social services to the area, which had a large immigrant population. In the 1960s, past NASW President Whitney M. Young Jr., worked in collaboration with President Johnson and other leaders during the turbulent Civil Rights era to break down the barrier of employment discrimination so Black people could get access to better paying jobs.

Social workers press for sex ed, school meals in Massachusetts schools
Fall River Reporter
NASW-MA included the permanent meals bill as one of four priorities its members will push Tuesday during meetings with lawmakers. Social workers also want lawmakers to approve bills dealing with licensure and training for the field (H 1253 / S 160), pretrial release or probation for substance use treatment (H 1391 / S 982), and a long-discussed sex education reform proposal often dubbed the Healthy Youth Act.

Ken Page is a member of NASW-NYS:
11 Qualities Of A Good Friend + What To Watch Out For, From Therapists
Mind Body Green
First things first: You will like being around a truly good friend. That may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually realize they feel bad around certain people. It’s important that your friendships feel warm and fun, according to relationship expert Ken Page, LCSW, because that fun and playful aspect creates feelings of belonging and safety.

Richard Brouillette is a member of NASW-CA:
Therapy Everywhere, All at Once: The Therapy Multiverse
Psychology Today
In fiction, going back to a Marvel comic book from the early 1960s, the multiverse is understood to mean the idea that there are multiple universes beyond our own, and, in fact, multiple versions of our universe, meaning multiple versions of ourselves in alternate realities. In fact, many current physics theories actually support the idea. While theories of different selves and universes are purely theoretical in physics, they have real consequences in our brains. By exploring alternate selves and versions of events, we can actually find and unlock trapped feelings, bringing them to awareness, and offering real therapeutic change.

Robin Arndt and Theresa Kreif are members of NASW-HI:
New social work report provides insights into Hawaiʻi workforce
University of Hawai’I News
March is designated as National Social Work Month, and the need for social workers is growing. The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa recognizes the dedication of all social workers across the state. A new report, Social Work in Hawaiʻi: A Workforce Profile (PDF) by Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health faculty members Robin Arndt, Cliff Bersamira, Theresa Kreif and Rebecca Stotzer details the current state of the social work profession in Hawaiʻi with data and an historical analysis of the field.

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