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News Items – June 17, 2022

news items logo oneNew BC School of Social Work graduate named a Public Health Catalyst Award winner
Boston College
Quynh Xuan Nguyen Truong, a member of the Boston College School of Social Work Class of 2022, was named to the inaugural cohort of 40 Under 40 Public Health Catalyst Award winners, announced by the Boston Congress of Public Health. Award nominees, all employed in or with a connection to the public health sector, are established or rising professional leaders with a strong record of innovation and outstanding performance in issues related to public health and/or social justice.

Cynthia Schwartzberg is a member:
Deprogramming Self-Destruction to Find Inner Joy with Brainspotting
If you’re stressed out because of recent world events, COVID, feeling lost, or plagued with self-destructive thoughts, The Curious Voyage: A Rule-Breaking Guidebook to Authenticity by Cynthia Schwartzberg will show you how to use Brainspotting and other techniques to bring joy back into your life. The book can also help therapists with their clients. “The ancient Greeks often said, ‘know thyself,’ and that’s what my book is all about. Exercises at the end of each chapter are a journey of self-discovery to find your authentic self. When you finish, you’ll better understand who you are, which will lead to a more fulfilled life,” said Schwartzberg.

16 WV groups send Gun Safety Resolution to Congress and State Leaders
The West Virginia Daily News
“NASW West Virginia believes every child has the right to safely attend school and every teacher has the right to do their job without fear of, or anxiety over becoming a victim of gun violence. Individuals have the right to attend work, worship, and even just go to the grocery store without fear of becoming another victim in a mass shooting. This epidemic of gun violence is unrelenting – there have been more instances of gun violence than days in 2022. Such a truth should compel those at the highest levels of government to take immediate steps to enact meaningful gun violence prevention measures,” stated Molly Arbogast, MSW Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers, West Virginia Chapter.

Grace Puchalski is a member:
‘What Would Make Your Town a Better Place to Do Business?’
Oswego County Business
Traffic. Sometimes, the rush hour traffic makes it hard for people to get to me. For some of the older people, that’s stressful for them to come here. Noise control would be nice. The appearance of the streets could improve. If I go to a business with someone and there’s trash on the street, it seems like a dumpy part of town. I would love to see a town hall meeting for business owners. The WISE Women’s Business Center has a really nice meeting once a month to connect with others. To have that city-wide, the community would benefit.

Blaine Wilson is a member:
Inclusion of gender identity in medical record a welcome change
VAntage Point
“The inclusion of gender identity in the medical record is a simple, yet extremely powerful and validating change,” explained Blaine Wilson, a licensed clinical social worker at Southeast Louisiana VA. “It’s helpful mentally to be called by the gender you prefer,” said Shane Williams, Navy Veteran and transgender male. “Everyone wants recognition in the sense that we matter,” Fulcher agreed.

Jennifer Kelman is a member:
4 Red Flags In A Relationship—And How To Spot Them
“It is quite common for our guts to tell us something is off in a relationship, but we choose to ignore it because we want things to be different,” says Jennifer Kelman, a licensed clinical social worker based in Boca Raton, Florida and a mental health expert on JustAnswer. “Sometimes the very things that attract us to someone are the very things that are red flags right from the start.” Kelman explains that it’s crucial not to dismiss a gut feeling that something may be off in a relationship: “Red flags need to get the attention they deserve and they need to not be pushed away or given excuses for,” she says.

Chamin Ajjan is a member:
18 Signs Of Anger Issues & How To Overcome Them, From Mental Health Experts
Anger is a normal human emotion. In prehistoric times, it was said that the behaviors linked to anger helped with survival: helping us hunt, fight off predators, and protect ourselves. Anger still serves us today in situations of perceived danger or injustice, but it becomes a problem if it is not a proportionate response to the situation at hand. If uncontrolled, anger issues can lead to physical or emotional harm to ourselves and others.

Robert Ciampi is a member:
How to Deal With Problematic Interactions In the Workplace
People bring to the work environment their personal problems, anger, personality disorders, controlling behaviors, psychological problems, medical issues, addictions, family problems, and criminal and legal issues. These areas of dysfunction can manifest in the workplace. If the list above seems worrisome, think about the fact that some people have co-occurring issues, meaning they have more than one problem with which they are trying to cope.

Scott Bartlett is a member:
Ways to set and keep healthy boundaries in relationships
Nevada Appeal
“In all situations, it helps to remember you’re setting a boundary of what you will allow, not what the other person must do,” said Scott Bartlett, LCSW, case management director at Banner Behavioral Health Hospital. “When we speak of boundaries in counseling settings, we’re asking someone to identify what can help support their growth, healing or protect them from harm, usually involving other people in their lives.”

Lisa D. Ellis is a member:
How to Spot a Diet Red Flag: Diet Red Flags You Should Know
US News & World Report
While many consumers at some point consider which diet is best for them, too many people don’t give a lot of thought to the possible negative aspects of different eating regimens, says Lisa D. Ellis, a registered dietitian in private practice in Manhattan and White Plains, New York. She’s also a certified eating disorder registered dietitian and a licensed clinical social worker.

Fanike-Kiara Olugbala Young is a member:
7 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress, According To Experts
“Many will suggest that a person seek help once functional impairment begins at work, home [or] school, says Fanike-Kiara Olugbala Young, D.B.H., a licensed clinical social worker and holistic trauma therapist in Roswell, Georgia. “However, we know ourselves better than anyone else, so I suggest seeking support when the feelings of not being able to cope first begin.”

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