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Members in the News – July 14, 2023

Mit Joyner was immediate past president of NASW:
Mildred Joyner, social work leader, dies at 73
The Philadelphia Tribune
Mildred “Mit” Carter Joyner of West Chester, a tireless community advocate, social worker and wife of retired federal Judge J. Curtis Joyner, died on Sunday, July 9, 2023. She was 73. She was affectionately known as “Mit” and was born on July 21, 1949, to the late Harold and Mildred Carter. “She was a model of determination, strength, courage and innovation,” said Victor Manalo, a fellow social worker.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is undergoing a renaissance; we must prepare social workers
The Baltimore Sun
Social workers will likely play an outsized role in realizing the potential and minimizing the risks of the psychedelic renaissance. According to SAMHSA, the National Association of Social Workers and the Association of Social Work Boards, the more than 250,000 clinical social workers within America’s health and human service systems are the largest group of mental health providers in the nation — more than psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychiatric nurses combined.

Maine Justice Foundation awards grants to 5 groups
The Sun Journal
NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Maine: A grant to create a training certificate program to be offered for free to behavioral health clinicians and students across Maine to develop skills in working collaboratively with families, schools, primary care, and ancillary providers to better wrap around care for LGBTQ+ individuals.

What is gender dysphoria? Answering your questions on Ohio care for trans youth
The Columbus Dispatch
Liam Strausbaugh, practice associate at the National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter, said most Ohio medical professionals screen minors questioning their gender for comorbidities such as depression or anxiety before issuing a diagnosis. 

Molly McLay is a student member of NASW-IL:
Student debt deprives US of public service workers, researchers say
Illinois Newsroom
Molly McLay, a licensed clinical social worker who lives in Urbana, finished her masters degree in social work in 2011. She worked in public service as a social worker for more than 7 years, paying down her student debts with the hope of having the remainder forgiven under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF). The program isn’t enough to make up for the lack of compensation in these very valuable fields, she said. 

Leslie Cohen-Rubury is a member of NASW-CT:
[Podcast] Big Mood Little Mood: Anxious Surrogacy
Danny Lavery welcomes Leslie Cohen-Rubury, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and host of “Is My Child a Monster?”, a parenting therapy podcast. Lavery and Cohen-Rubury offer advice to someone who’s parents might interfere with her decision to be a surrogate mother for her friends. Another letter writer is wondering how to tell their mom about being abused by their teacher when they were 16. Also, a listener’s response to the “Fairweather Friend Group” letter.

Erika Brosig is a member of NASW-PA:
After murder of Johnstown woman, officials urge abuse victims to seek help
The Tribune-Democrat
A variety of circumstances have many people seemingly trapped in relationships with their abusers, said Erika Brosig, a licensed clinical social worker and the chief operating officer at Victim Services Inc. in Cambria and Somerset counties. “We work with domestic violence every day,” she said. “The patterns that we see exist everywhere, not just in Johnstown. It can be economic reasons. It can be the fact that they have children together, and quite frankly it can be manipulation on the part of the offender.”

Andrew Wilson is a member of NASW-LA:
Mental health experts offer resources after July 4 mass shooting in Shreveport
More than a week ago, hundreds of people were running for their lives after a gunfight broke out at a Fourth of July party and left four dead and seven injured. Mental health workers said that kind of experience leaves an impact. “Intrusive thoughts, re-living the experience, avoidance of that particular neighborhood and community, nightmares; just a whole array of things,” said licensed clinical social worker Andrew Wilson.

Michelle Felder is a member of NASW-NYC:
Emotional intelligence for kids: How to raise a child with a high EQ
“Emotional intelligence is a term used to describe a person’s ability to understand, interpret, express and manage their own emotions, and to navigate interpersonal relationships with awareness, empathy and an appreciation for the emotional experiences of others,” says Michelle Felder, a licensed clinical social worker and founder of Parenting Pathfinders. 

Mary Moonen is a member of NASW-FL:
Woman Raises Money For Ukraine Through Jewelry Sales In Bradenton
Bradenton Patch
As the Russia-Ukraine war rages on, a clinical social worker in Bradenton is doing what she can to raise money for those living in the war-torn country. Mary Moonen creates and sells jewelry, sending the money overseas to Ukrainians who remain in their native country. She often sets up a table at the Village of the Arts’ monthly art walk on the first Friday and Saturday of the month, and also takes custom orders.

Cindy Weiser is a member of NASW-AZ:
Ukrainian refugee couple comes to Phoenix with help of local Jews
Jewish News
Cindy Weiser, a retired psychotherapist and clinical social worker, has always been drawn to Temple Chai’s social justice work. When she first heard about the effort to bring Ukrainian refugees to town, she knew she wanted to be involved. “I’ve missed doing traditional social work and that is why I do social justice work; helping people and making the world a better place is at the core,” she said.

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