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News Items – September 1, 2022

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Lourdes Delores Follins is a member:
Why you should stop complimenting people for being ‘resilient’
For example, take the “strong Black woman” stereotype. According to Professor Inger Burnett-Zeigler, author of Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen: The Emotional Lives of Black Women, internalizing that trope “can often interfere with [Black women] acknowledging their mental health challenges and then going on to get the mental health treatment.” So we revisited the concept of “resilience” with Lourdes Dolores Follins, psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker. She explains why it’s OK to let yourself feel angry or frustrated sometimes — and how unexamined resilience can mask structural forces that make your life harder.

Courts Must Consider ‘Alternatives’ to Incarceration Under New CA Legislation
The Davis Vanguard
“California’s overreliance on incarceration has failed to improve public safety while disproportionately harming vulnerable and marginalized communities. We know that by encouraging alternatives to incarceration, California can continue as a leader on criminal justice reform,” said Rebecca Gonzales, Director of Government Relations and Political Affairs at the National Association of Social Workers.

How Texas Quashed Sex-Ed Lessons On Consent
The Texas chapter of the National Association of Social Workers also wrote to the board: “Consent is an extremely important part of any conversation regarding healthy relationships. We believe that it is the SBOE’s duty to include clear, informative, and meaningful definitions of consent, including examples of how a student might share their consent within relationships of any kind.”

Andrea Kumura is a member:
Mental healthcare workers protest – indefinitely
One of the goals is for Kaiser to commit to hiring a set number of new employees. “Unfortunately, Kaiser’s approach to hiring more therapists is they want to offer less pay and cut some benefits to attract new hires,” said Andrea Kumura, licensed clinical social worker, Kaiser behavioral health services. According to a state report, there are 2,700 active licenses for mental health workers. The union says only 57 of them work at Kaiser, serving 266,000 patients.

Taylor Stadtlander is a member:
NJ experts on ‘quiet quitting’ — how it could be a win-win at work
New Jersey 101.5
The term “quiet quitting” may be relatively new, but Taylor Stadtlander with Stress & Anxiety Services of New Jersey has been advising her clients to take this approach for a while now. “The lines have really been blurred due to more and more people working from home,” Stadtlander, a licensed clinical social worker, told New Jersey 101.5. The trend, which is picking up steam on social media platforms such as TikTok, especially among young adults, doesn’t have anything to do with getting yourself off an employer’s payroll; essentially, it means you stop going above and beyond at work, and simply do only what the job description requires of you.

Caitlin Eckert is a member:
Cell Phone Carriers Are Putting Domestic Violence Survivors At Risk. Here’s What To Know.
With a flight booked, Caitlin Eckert was ready to leave her abuser. But the morning she was set to go, she remembered they were still on the same phone plan. The two had taken advantage of a deal earlier in their relationship — two new iPhones — which put them on a shared plan under his name. Not expecting her relationship to turn abusive (because who would?), this understandably caused her little hesitation at the time.


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